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  1. Hello,
    After a year of progress a huge project of I've been working on with a team will be released.
    The server has around 8 worlds, all of them are 1000x1000 (worldborder), and 2 are 10000x10000 (for survival). The server has around 30 plugins, most aren't that heavy, but a few (around 6) are rather big plugins like Citizens, SkillAPI and Crackshot. There'll be 40 players online at all times.

    Would I have to go for a dedicated server host or a minecraft server host, and which one?
    Explanation would be great, this is a first time.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Based on these requirements I will recommend an dedicated (with DDOS Protection) if you know how to use and administer a (linux) server.
    If not, then go for a minecraft hosting provider, that can support these requirements. (Other people might be able to recommend some with good support - uptime - specs).

    As for dedicated I can recommend both OVH (US/EU) / SoYouStart (EU/Canada) / Hetzner (EU) (as for DDOS protection, OVH/SYS might have better than Hetzner - widely discussed on here and other sites.)
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  3. If you're running a single MC server, definitely go shared hosting, you'll save so much money. You really don't need a 32GB RAM server to run a MC server which will be using 6GB, you'll pay a lot less too.

    I always recommend ExtraVM as the shared host you should go for
  4. I recommend BisectHosting. They are more expensive than other hosts, but they cost more for a reason: Better service, no oversharing, backups included, high performance, free domain included, lots of features such as scheduled restarts, and much more. They are truly the best Minecraft hosting service.
  5. while people are suggesting vps hosts why don't you google up beastnode? it's what my server is running on.
    i did some research before purchasing (and apparently it's one of the longest running, best rated hosts), very positive experience imo.
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