Best OS for Minecraft

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  1. 16.04 is also LTS. Is there some special reason you'd want to stay 2 years behind?
  2. i stand corrected. i currently run 15.10 personally but thats because i can update my server easily.
  3. To see people comment on a 2013 thread makes me weep.
  4. We both just did.
  5. Just got a fresh I7 from ovh and no hesitation debian 8.4 jessie ;)
  6. There is a reason this thread keeps dying; there is no best OS for Minecraft.

    There only exists a best OS for you, and saying otherwise is likely based off of no knowledge at all.
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  7. Going off on this, most OS's work the same for Minecraft. Just use what works best for you.
  8. yes and no "most" OSes work good similar for minecraft, but if we look at popularity linux, as a whole, is a quite small minority. on that again windows or mac are much more solidified OSes but have a monumentally higher overhead that linux. so to correct your answer most LINUX OSes work similar for minecraf. now find the best distro for you.

    for other people reading this from google or looking for a answer the three most common distros are, in no particular order so dont get your panties in a wad, ubuntu, centos, and debian (the core of ubuntu). pick one of those and google " how to setup a minecraft on (insert distro here) server". another thing to make sure you do is to get the server version because of lower overhead again.
  9. Ubuntu 64bit
  10. I just bought an HPE Proilant Microserver Gen8 and am running Debian on it.
    But I am having trouble installing java from a tar.gz and it has no exe installer?
    So I would still recommend windows 7 or 10.
  11. Well done. Look at the dates.
  12. Besides replying to a thread that's over 9 months old, it isn't that hard to install Java on Debian.
    Code (Text):
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jre-headless
  13. i have to use windows 8 because its in the spare computer i use ;~: XD

    I used windows 10 before, I'v never ran a proper server i run servers for my friends and it was pretty good on windows 10
    i dont know any other OSes besides windows xp and up, i haven't used windows xp in forever though. cant really deside best OS for servers since i have only run one on 3 OSes XD
  14. Thank you brutucat2, after doing that I get alot of text in the terminal, but when I search java it pulls up no programs and there is no java running in the backround
  15. As long as you're using a Linux based operating system, you're golden. Just pick something that you like, try it out, then stick with it. There's no real reason to choose one over the other with the way MC is built.
  16. Linux. Distro: what ever your preference is. Mine is Fedora.
  17. I use centos 7 for my server.
  18. If you mean in a GUI environment like Gnome, then don't do that. Just open a console and type "java" (and hit enter). If it's installed right, it will run and spew out a list of command line options. Then you can move on to starting the MC server.

    My recommendation is to not even install a GUI on a server. Most things are quicker and easier in a console shell. It can be hard to learn at first, but there are literally only about 6 commands you'll need to know at first. Well worth making the effort because as silly as it sounds, running a Spigot server is going to translate pretty easily to running other types of servers.