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  1. Absolution


    So I'm moving to a dedicated server and was thinking which OS to choose. I'm currently on CentOs 5.8 and was given the following choices.

    Debian 6
    CentOs 6
    CentOs 5 (the same)
    Ubuntu 12
    Ubuntu 11

    Any ideas which one would work best for a ~200 player server? Thanks :)
  2. Pjo


    Debian 6. The most stable, best performance.
  3. columb


    Windows server :D
    Ubuntu is more user-friendly, Debian is more perfomance related. Choose whatever you want. But performance difference is tiny. For 200 peoples you should care about your hardware, not software.
  4. I would choose between Debian or CentOS. Ubuntu is actually a "expansion" of Debian but should also work fine. So whatever you choose, cant be wrong :). If you're new to Linux I would use CentOS, you will find more tutorials for it.
  5. Jigsaw


    You are already used to CentOS so I don't see any reason you should switch. That is a great OS. You could update to CentOS 6 if you really wanted to. However, from my reading online it appears people believe CentOS 5 is more reliable than 6. You could do a little research into that if you want more information.
  6. CentOS or Debian (6).
  7. Debian 6, very resource effective, also very easy to get support with online. However unless you already know how to use Debian I would stick with Cent as you may find you run into a problem with Debian which will end in you experiencing a bit of downtime.
  8. Absolution


    What problem is that? I may try a cheap vps with Debian 6 to get used to it until we move to the new server. It's not that different from Centos anyways...
  9. Wouldnt downtime be a problem for any server? It is not something players enjoy.
  10. I uses a vps server to check the different os really cheap 8 a month lol i tried Ubuntu 12 debian squeeze and centos 6.13 afte using all of them i went with centos i found it easiest and I based it on installing java i was able to google instructions on all installations but found that centos installed on the first try where I had to screw around with the others for some stupid sure it was on me
  11. CentOS or Debian.

    I think CentOS is better because it has more resources and it's much easier to update and use. I use a small VPS-Box with CentOS 6. I run a Minecraft Server + a LAMP Web Server. Perfectly.
  12. can someone explain to me what Cent and Debian are? And why isn't Windows 7 up there on operating systems, sorry if i sound stupid but i'm new to these things.
  13. Jigsaw


    CentOS and Debian are types of Linux operating system. The reason people use them to run servers is because they do not require any sort of GUI (graphical user interface) "desktop" that you are familiar with when using Windows 7. Windows 7 isn't mentioned because it is not a good choice when running a server. One of the reasons is how much memory Windows 7 will use just idling with very few non-OS related programs running. Windows 7 will use 1-2GB doing absolutely nothing and Linux will use a few hundred MB.

    There are many other reasons why Linux is a better choice for running a server (and even for a general OS for a desktop/laptop). Those include security, customization, resource usage, price (usually free unless your host charges you for installing it), easy upgrades, and many more.
  14. I did a custom install of CentOS on mine with very minimal options. So far that's the best.

    Here's what I did install.
    No GUI

    Services Installed

    Used Oracle Java 7 rev 11.
  15. I really like Ubuntu myself for its clean gui when i am using remote desktop and good performance personally.

    What i have installed on my server:
    3 Minecraft servers
    Bungee cord Proxy
    Apache2 web server
  16. I never really understand these "best os" threads.

    There is really no such thing as a "best os" for running minecraft and its related task. All the major linux distro that offers a server edition will be approximately equally as good as the next. It really just boils down to which distro's mentality you're buying into. Like aptitude/dpkg? Go Debian/Ubuntu. Like yum/rpm? Go RHEL/CentOS. As long as you learn the OS relatively well, and know what you don't need while keeping what you do need (i.e.: "who really need cups? ... oh, oops, for some reason, everything.") you can strip it down to just about the same for every single one of them.

    Find a linux you're comfortable with, learn it, and be happy, no reason to go out of your way to learn a new distro just because someone said it is better / worse than others :)
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