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what is the best of these

  1. mac os x

  2. cent os

  3. debian

  4. ubuntu

  5. mine os

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  6. windows

  7. any linux

  8. mac os x server

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  9. windows server

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  1. I am wondering what the best os for hosting a minecraft server is in 2015.
    I've seen the threads with people getting pissed so just give a list of what you think.
    or just pick one of the few I've found in the vote.

    and just for those who care here is the hardware specs

    apple xserve 1,1 2.0 ghz dual dual core xeon cpus one with 16gb ram and one with 12gb
    and a dell pe 2850 with 8gb ram and dual dualcore 2.8 ghz xeons faster clock but older.

    three identical sutups ran in bunggiecord
    i7-4790k 32gb ram 120gb ssd and this is where im questioning what os to use

    rember these are dedacated servers not personal use so a TUI (typeing user interface) is fine. i dont need a GUI (graphical user interface).
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  2. I like ubuntu for hosting servers. Windows for normal use.
  3. CentOS for me :)
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  4. I'm using Ubuntu on my VPS right now, since I'm relatively new to Linux, its does me fine.

    I use windows for normal use.
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  5. I'm running Arch Linux on my servers, couldn't be happier.
    Oh, and my desktop. And laptop.
  6. Windows 8 ofc. Linux sucks compared.
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  7. Hosting a server on a dedi! Pfft.

    You can't get screen for windows..
    You would be having to have a computer with putty for the servers on 24/7 or they shut down.
  8. I highly recommend CentOS for any server-related tasks. If you know your way around SSH and SFTP, you're going to enjoy high performance on a low-overhead OS.
  9. Yep. Agreed.
  10. [​IMG]
    There is a button for that.
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  11. JamesJ


    CentOS 6.5 for servers, Windows 7 for PC :)
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  12. I know.. But I like bumping stuff if it requires or if it helps the OP get more response.

    But I use windows 8.1 pro..
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    There is also a 'Edit' button to stop double-posting :)
    May help to use that :)
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  14. I understand that but When I'm on mobile, it's harder to do if a new person posts I just reply. If I'm home on my gaming PC, I do that. Sorry.
  15. dotake into consideration that i am currently running mac os x 10.7 non server and the performance is fine on a 2.0ghz xeon and a old one at that.
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    Macs are not made for running Minecraft servers, let alone being servers in general. As much as I love macs, they're not worth the price for a server.
  17. Ubuntu for my laptop, Ubuntu for my other laptop, Ubuntu for my desktop, Ubuntu for my dad's laptop, Ubuntu for my mom's laptop, Ubuntu for my server, Ubuntu for my VPS. BaseImage-Ubuntu for my Docker containers. UBUNTU FTW. <----- Ubuntu fanboy....
  18. i see the fanboy
  19. Maximvdw


    There is no best OS.
    Only the best OS for your needs
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