Best OS?

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  1. What's the best OS to be using for Spigot. Will be running bungeeCord if that makes any difference.

    I hear to run Linux. CentOS perhaps?

    I'll also be running MultiCraft (Using it for a sponsored server)
  2. Honestly, CentOS was (and still is?) the preferred operating system for most owners, but now, CentOS or Debian doesn't really matter. If anything, debian has more functionally when it comes to web hosting.
  3. How so? The only reason it has the status it has is because it's a "free" RHEL, so early hosting providers adopted it as their default system.
    CentOS has absolutely no quality over debian or fedora, except maybe systemd in version 7, but that's a very new (and very late) addition.
  4. Um, maybe it's just me, but I when I use CentOS, I miss the command's like "a2ensite". Also, when it comes to using tap interfaces, It seams like I will always come across some kind of issue on CentOS which seams to be deprecated on Debian. My point was that a good few people were using CentOS back in the day, and if anything, now Debian is better.
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  5. There's also an option for Minecraft OS.. haha. Anyways, I've used CentOS on a dedi before but wasn't sure if it has changed. I might go with Debian this time.
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    Just pick the OS you're most comfortable with.
  7. Personally, I'm a Debian fan. :)
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  8. I too personally like Debian :)
  9. Debian and CentOS are both great distributions to use. Either one will do, whichever you're more comfortable with.
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    Personally CentOS, mainly because I've been using it.. and it's easy and comfortable for me.