Best Permissions system for 1.8.3?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Deadmaulerz, May 9, 2015.

  1. So I've done a lot of searching but I wanted to consult the lovely spigot community and ask you what you think the best permissions system was before installing everything. What is the best for someone beginning a server?
  2. PermissionsEX
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  3. PermissionsEx or zPermissions. They both do an extraordinary job at what they are intended to do, it really just comes down to prefrence. I personally use PermissionsEx :)
  4. Cldfire

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    PermissionsEX is my favorite, personal preference however. I started using it and never changed (never had a need to).
  5. A lot here will say Pex, but I wont. If you're running a prison server, find something that isn't pex. It's riddled with issues and many others will vouch for this.
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  6. I have a prison server on my network. PEX is very easy to use on a prison server even with MySQL!
  7. AngelRani


    I recommend PermissionsEX. I have used it for a long time and I absolutely love it! :D
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  8. PermissionsEX is the best
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  9. that save and load scheduler of groupmanager kills my server performance :p
  10. Havent had any problems with that are u on shared hosting and what are your specs
  11. dedicated server running on intel i5 3.1Ghz, 16GB RAM , 2TB HDD and 100mbps network
  12. PEX is best and personally I've experienced no issues running and 1.8.x version and in the past I've also ran a prison server using PEX with no issues without a doubt PEX.
  13. The best is the PermissionsEx
  14. PermissionsEx for most types of servers (a prison server would crucially rely on pex) however zPermissions does a lot of things like timed permissions etc that PEX should really adapt to. Unfortunately though, zPermissions does not allow or read wildcards. (permission.*) Which a good amount of people find frustrating. If you running a prison server, I'd say PEX. If its another server that may not rely on needing wildcards, go ahead and play with zPerms and see if you like it.
  15. zPermissions is more professional than PEX, but both do a decent job at achieving the same thing.
    If you need to scale very large or just want to know you're on a rock solid foundation, zPerms is the way to go.
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  16. Huh odd surprises gm gives u issues on that but however gm works best for me
  17. I just scheduled repeating task to run pex reload :p
  18. Lol.
    /pex reload completely screw's up my chat
  19. Amen
  20. Okay so I got Pex and it doesn't let me be "Owner" with prefix and permissions even though I put permissions.* and it says I'm in the group. Why doesn't it work???