Best place to learn C++

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TheBlackFish, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hey Doods!
    Since I'm going into game making, I want to learn C++, wheres the best place to learn it, that doesnt teach you bad habits
  2. Read a book, that's a good way to learn every language what you want to meet!
  3. Ok I cant tell if thats sarcasm or not XD, because from what I hear, books are outdated.. do you know of any online ones?
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  4. Best online way, I think this is...
  5. What IDE do you prefer
  6. Eclipse works fine.
    I can.. Iiii.. I caaan write C++ in Eclipse!?!
  8. Literally any text editor. Literally.
    I would personally vouch for VIm. Pretty much any kernel hacking community will agree, including linux.
  9. Netbeans is a great idea too... Here you have the link!.
  10. Ok heres another question, Whats the difference between C and C++? Also I am choosing the right language for games right?
  11. With C++ you can do games with source!
  12. I think this is one of the worst threads I've seen on spigot yet.

    OP, you don't seem quite ready to be writing games. At all. Do you understand what gamemaking really means? Programming is less than 20% of it.
  13. Ok for one thing. I do Im just making sure I dont jump into it not knowing a single thing, I know coding it doesnt just make the game..
  14. There is no "best" language for making games. Making a game in a low-level language like C++ can be a very lengthy challenge, and your inability to research things on your own (and jumping to conclusions like "books are outdated right?") worries me, and I doubt you're ready to start something like this.

    The main advantage of C++ in something like game-making is it's potential performance. Using a low-level language won't magically make your code super fast though. If you can't grasp basic ASM, C++ is not for you.
  15. But I guess asking for advice/help isn't a thing anymore.. arrogant people like you just try too show themselves and act all cool.. your not a mod.. your nothing affiliated with the staff on spigot; you are above no one, so please stop
  16. I've heard from developers that books are out dated, *note these people have jobs in this field *
  17. Why should I have to be spigot staff? I'm giving you solid advice here.
    Look at all those examples and sources ::⁾