Best Plugin for Separate Inventories Per World?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ArZor, Feb 26, 2018.


Which one do you think is best?

  1. PerWorldInventory

  2. MultiInv

  3. OpenInv

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  1. For those of you that use Multiverse i was curious to see what people have found to be the best plugin for them that allows separate inventories per world.
    The three i know of are PerWorldInventory, MultiInv and OpenInv
    I've been using OpenInv for a long time but i got to thinking maybe it's not the best, hence why i post this question to you.
    As i see it PerWorldInventory has the advantage of being the only one on Spigot (in general i feel spigot plugins tend to be better quality)
    However OpenInv has more recent updates.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback :D
  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    I don't think OpenInv is able to do what you want....

    Also the best solution would be to just use BungeeCord and run multiple servers behind it. That way you will never run into any duping issues or bugs that can occur when a plugin attempts to do different inventories per world.
  3. My server is still under development and even with my previous server we never got large enough that i felt switching to using BungeeCord was worth the cost. As instead of paying somewhere around $50/month for a 16gb dedicated machine it would have likely cost me much more even if i went the route of shared hosting which i'd really like to not ever go back to if i can avoid it. So partly for cost reasons and also at that time being totally unfamiliar and intimidated by MySQL i just got comfortable with multiverse and I still feel it's a very viable option for those that have a lower budget but big ideas.