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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by AppleNick, May 28, 2013.

  1. Can someone help me, I have seen on a few servers that have some sort of plugin where you lets say right click an item in the Hub server and a chest gui will popup and you can select one of the servers you want to teleport to by clicking an item in that chest gui. Im not sure if this is a privately coded plugin or have I just not spotted the best one yet. Anyone know of any? Thanks
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  2. There are a few on bukkit that have lots of bugs, and im not sure if they support the slash server command.
    I recommend getting a private plugin like LaxWasHere said.
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  3. :D Thanks

    Yep thats exactly what I did :D

    Thanks for the advice, But I already got a new Private plugin made :D
  4. Can you Give me that plugins.?
  5. You do know this thread was from May right...?
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  6. lol I Know , I just want to get plugins.

    Like this plugin!
    I want to know, what this plugin is.
    You can see that at 1:30
  7. prplz


    Theres a command called /server
  8. I know But I want to use 'Item leftclik protal'
  9. lol allready exists, It's called compassnavigation
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  10. I use ChestCommands & CustomJoinItems.
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