Best premium host? (Money is no object)

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  1. I'm looking for what most agree would be the most reliable, reputable host with the highest performance servers.

    My needs are really simple: I just want a server for me and like 5 friends tops that will not lag at all, and has a very easy back-end setup and management panel. So basically performance + ease of use / convenience.

    Right now I'm hosting a spigot server with just 1 plugin on a Google Cloud VM with the free trial credit you get, but it runs like crap, and lags every couple minutes for several seconds (even after bumping it to 4v CPUs and like 5GB RAM, so I guess it's not optimized for this kind of task). It's also a pain in the neck manually setting everything up and managing it in Linux via ssh.

    I'm really willing to spend whatever it takes within reason. Is there a host that is agreed to be "the best" even if it's "overpriced"? I don't want something that's extremely overkill like a dedicated server, just "a bit overkill" if that makes sense :)
  2. Well, any host that is specifically set up for Minecraft... will be able to handle your needs of 1 server with X amount of ram for 5 friends easily. Unless you are doing something insanely overkill on your server, then I see no problems with any budget / premium host options. Here is a dedicated server that you could get, which would be insanely overkill, but hey... money is no object.
    Best of luck on server-hunting,

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  3. As far as raw specs, Deluxenode stood out in a positive way with some of the latest cpus. I've never personally used them though and they are limited to the EU (Specifically Germany last I checked). As far as US hosting, I've yet to experience any issues whatsoever with' enterprise server (and budget servers).

    As mentioned above, you really shouldn't need to go with an overkill setup for a small server with a few friends, especially if it isn't modded.
  4. also has a USA location now.
    I've had great experiences with, good panel & good servers.
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  5. Oh, Deluxenode was bought out? I wasn't aware if so.
  6. Not bought out, just rebranded.
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    Chose a location close to you and your friends. Los Angeles might be good for you.

    These guys are also highly rated and have a Phoenix location:

    They both have test servers so you can try them out.