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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ZionFlame, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    I was wondering if you could recommend a server configuration to me to host up to 200 players on one instance. I am running a survival server with a fairly large map, with many chunks loaded at once.

    If anybody could recommend a longterm solution to me that'd be great. I am looking into ReliableSite or Hivelocity. No OVH/SYS/KS please.

  2. I recommend @RSNET-Radic from ReliableSite!
    Their best dedicated server plan for your question would be the i7-4790/E3-1270v3 which would hold 200 players just fine as long as the server is optimized nicely.
  3. Do you have a specific location in mind encase I can suggest other hosts which meet your specifications?
  4. I am just looking for anything in North America. I forgot to add this in, but SecuredServers is way out of my budget.

  5. Why not use ovh/sys its good and has good ddos protection

  6. These are the sort of uneducated replies I hate.

    A. No need to tag ZionFlame
    B. It has been specified the user doesn't wish to use OVH services.
    C. Unless you are smart and create custom firewalls or get remote protection OVH services are pretty vulnerable to certain forms of DDoS attack.
  7. RSNET-Radic


    Thank you for the recommendation!
  8. I would look for a CPU with a 4+ GHZ clock speed. Cores and threads aren't so important for Minecraft.
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  9. I would go with the highest single thread then anything else. You can have a 2 core cpu but have the highest single thread which will make it best for minecraft. (What I just said is an example)
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  10. RSNET-Radic


    Clock speed isn't nearly as important as the generation of the CPU core.

    Stick with a current generation Intel CPU with a higher clock speed.
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  11. Also, if you are able to overclock the processor, you might want to look into disabling some threads, as you can achieve a much higher overclock.
  12. Psychz-Jimmy


    Probably going to have to colo if you have an overclocked CPU...
  13. Not if you use interpidd as they sell overclockable processors oddly.
  14. CPU doesn't matter too much as long as the server is optimized well. Yes, it still matters, though it's only a massive priority for larger networks.
    Nonetheless, it still helps to find the best option available. You want something with good singlethreaded performance due to Minecraft's awful inefficient coding. Also, what is your aversion to providers like OVH exactly? Limiting your options like that may make it harder to achieve your desired outcome.

    As for optimization, @frash23 has an excellent guide to that here.
  15. I don't like OVH for their congested network, outdated/used hardware, horrible support (in my experience), and flawed DDoS protection. Don't get me wrong, their prices are great, but mostly everything else isn't.
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  16. While their email support is indeed kind of terrible, you can always give them a call and they're fast and helpful.
    Their use of "old hardware" is actually not bad. The CPU's they choose are usually already ideal for minecraft hosting - just as good as current-gen hardware.

    Their DDoS mitigation capability is sometimes hit and miss though, which is a very valid reason to no go with OVH. If you're just starting out though, they're fantastic.
  17. TBH Im with RS-Net and their servers are epic. We recently had 560 players on a single instance of minecraft on a 4790k from RS-Net. Although their DDOS protection is to be questioned!
  18. Did you have to get the i7 4790k by a special order from them? I do not see it on their site.

    If not, I will probably get an E3 1230v3 with 16gbs of ram and a 120gb SSD.

    Thanks for the replies so far.
  19. x_L


    They don't have an i7 4790k, they do have the i7 4790, though.
  20. If you can, get a 1270 or 1271. There's a pretty decent jump in performance for minecraft servers.
    I believe they offer 1271's on request. (I'd actually like a confirmation on this, @RSNET-Radic ?)
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