Best screen recorder / video editing software.

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  1. For awhile ive been planning on making a small you tube series but ive never actually taken it into consideration because ive never been sure of the best video editing software to learn or recording software. All ive used in my past is fraps which ive been told is actually the best screen recorder, here are the ones ive heard of and seen that are good but not sure on what to decide:

    Screen/Gaming Recorders:
    1. Fraps
    2. Dxtory
    3. Shadow Player (NVIDIA)

    Video Editing Software:
    1. Adobe Premier
    2. Camtasia
    3. Sony Vegas Pro

    I have already purchased fraps but why are video editing software's so bloody expensive..
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  2. You should try OBS for local recording. It's more used for streaming, but you can set up frames for recording if you are into that, and add any overlay to your video if you want other than editing them in. (I believe this saves a lot of time if you are just trying to edit an overlay onto your video)

    Editing wise, if you are just putting clips together editing volume, speed, ect.. Movie Maker would be perfectly fine.

    If you are looking for more variety for editing, go with Vegas pro. Or even After Effects
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  3. barmp oonyone?
  4. Tao


    Use Final Cut Pro X,

    If you are absolutely serious about doing youtube videos, get the 30-day free trial for you youtube. It's absolutely amazing. And after the trial, if it's everything you want then you can buy the $299 application. It's a Video Editing software that offers a lot.
    Hope this helped.
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    This is what I've been messing around with on my Linux desktop (OBS). It's compatible with most platforms and seems awesome in general. I'm hoping to fine-tune it further I record and stream more.
  6. OBS is great, but since you already bought Fraps... :(

    I think there was something called Wax (by debugmode) that has some basic editing things for free. You may want to check that out.
  7. Ive seen most youtubers just use fraps though? And i'll see OBS.
    Its ok i bought fraps awhile back lol.
  8. Us nerds like OBS because it is open source though :p
  9. Why sony vegas 8? Why not 12?
    Anyway, I use fraps for gaming clips and camtasia with disposable emails to get unlimited trials :3.
    I use sony vegas to edit and it does the job, I've not tried After effects, but I think it'd do a decent job tbh...

    Remember... Who needs to pay, there is always a loophole in a system somewhere.
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    For recording, you can't really beat fraps if you have a good pc. ShadowPlay merges all audio onto one track, so that's a no-go, and dxtory takes a lot of setting up with a lossless codec.

    For an editor, Premiere is awesome, but the free version of Lightworks is also pretty good.
  11. Im not sure why i said 8 thats the version i remember xD
  12. Check out Camtasia2, its a free trial which you can reset every 30 days!
  13. I actually heard that was a Trojan or installed bloatware or something. My bad, that was CamStudio.

    Why use that when you can just use OBS?
  14. If you have a big/fast harddrive use Fraps, i think it's the best for pc's. I've been editing videos for a few years and i use Sony Vegas
  15. OBS for video filming and for video editing software, i'd recommend Adobe Premier.
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  16. Well, I've been using Action by Mirillis for recording and it's awesome. Super high quality, pretty much no fps drop and it has a nice GUI :D
  17. Use Mirilis Action.
  18. Fraps is, Meh. Theres a new one i am trying. Its pretty good. For editing moviemaker works great. For some reason in fraps it keeps separating it into many videos. Just takes longer to edit.. Anyone know why?

  19. Why not support the program.. Its really stupid and selfish to do that. If you made a plugin would you be happy if it was leaked? A loophole to something free right?
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    Lol, I think this guy would be better off using iMovie. No need to waste $300 on a program I've found to have dreadful performance (worse than iMovie in a lot of cases). Besides, iMovie does everything he needs.