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  1. What server can I buy to run the newest FTB 1.12 server with 10 or so people online max without lag? It's just meant for a friend group of mine to play on.

    I'm looking for a dedi because they're generally cheaper and I can run them well.
  2. none of those thats for sure, look at soyoustart, ovh, reliablesite or hetzner. those old cpus at kimsufi wont cut it.
  3. no why
  4. High bandwidth is good for this server
  5. Your right they need like a 1tbps port
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  6. Yes you definitely don't need 10gbps, never mind 1gbps, I run 20 players with about 5mbps and 10 view distance.
  7. The majority of KimSufi's lineup will be pretty decent/good for what you want, only downside is no raid. Just try for one closer to 3GHz rather than 2GHz, you could even grab something from a shared host with a more powerful CPU for a fraction of the cost per month.
  8. Any suggestions then for a shared host? I just figured a dedicated server would be cheaper and fine to use since I know how to set them up and run them.
  9. One in my signature, Google, or as I mentioned, the majority of the ones on Kimsufi are perfectly fine for what you're doing.
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    A Kimsufi dedicated will do fine if you want to manage everything yourself. $15 for an i3 dual core I think. I run a media server off one, transcodes 1080p no problem so I'd guess a modded server would do fine.
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