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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a host to run my server on. The two main things I am looking for are performance and the panel. Money is not a limiting factor.
  2. What kind of server are you running?
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  4. What do I have to think about that?
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  5. Hello,
    Maybe look at this hosting? NITROHOSTING

    Panel: Pterodactyl
    CPU: 2x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640 v4
    Ram: 128GB DDR4
    Storage: 4TB SSD
    The also have a test ip:
  6. Contabo HAHAHAHA. Sorry.
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  7. Hey,

    Check out this thread:

    The reason i made that thread is because alot of people
    ask things like "Whats the best host?", "Whats the cheapest host?"
    the list provides good hostings under $2/gb and under.
  8. If you're looking performance I would stray away from the cheaper hosts. Contact some of the higher end providers that target performance specifically and ask them for some numbers and specifications. Modern I7s/E3s would 32GB of RAM or less would be a great start. The higher the RAM capacity the more tenants the provider will be cramming onto a box. That's what you want to stay away from. Also look for something physically close to the majority of your user base. If you were on the east coast of the US for example Miami, Atlanta, or New York would be a good choice for hosting.
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  9. There is a difference between we are cheap because we resell Contabo and we are cheap because we are not focusing on making thousands of euros per month. You can still offer a great performance even with $1-2/GB.

    I would more say, stay away from summer hosts, "skid hosts" and not registered ones.
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  10. Your domain is 3 months old and you're using whois guard. That doesn't give you any room to talk about summer hosts. Reselling hardware has nothing to do with performance. I'd bet you're reselling unless you've got your own IP allocation and running your own network.

    If a hosting provider isn't focusing on making thousands a month then there isn't much of a longtime goal of sticking around. The only argument to that is a non profit/charity organization and even then they're going to try and turn a profit to invest in that organization/their employees. People have to make a living.
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  11. Ah, so everyone who is colocated in a datacenter is a reseller?
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  12. Heyo! Server hosting with "MuiltPanel" is a pretty good choice if you want a good panel. Anyways, it all depends on what type of servers you want...

    - If you want free minecraft hosting (with pretty horrible RAM...) without a trial then web search it. (It may have server restrictions...)
    - If you want to use popular minecraft hosting, then search it. (Beware of ads...)
    - If you want to host a minecraft server with paid hosting, then search it. (Use only if you are dedicated to paying...)
    - If you want to see a general list of hosters which is what you're looking for, click here. <--- Most Helpful
    - If you want to see a thread near this topic, then click here. (Provided by @GoNelson)

    That should solve your problem! Like if you agree!
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  13. If you're using your colocation provider's network and IPs, yes.
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  14. Please elaborate to me how the ownership of an IP address and the ownership of a network contribute in any significant way to the end customer's experience?
  15. The same way "reselling" hardware from a hosting provider changes the customer's experience. For the most part it doesn't.
  16. Of course it does: The host can't innovate or differentiate themselves in the market in any way. They're controlled and restricted by what the root host considers to be the best option for them, which usually isn't the best thing for Minecraft hosting. "Is there a model of CPU that would be a better pick for Minecraft hosting and advantage the end customer experience? Well sorry we can't offer that because our root server host doesn't offer that"

    And in addition to that, it's also extremely boring and stale. You get a Minecraft server from an OVH reseller for $3/GB which is about 60% revenue for the hosting company. A small portion of the revenue goes into basic upkeep and support, but in the end, most of it is just profits for the owners/investors. Usually, companies invest revenue into making their services better and/or more affordable, into marketing, and into expanding. That is if they're not just straight up pocketing all of the profits.

    The actual resellers that resell OVH, SYS, Hertzner etc. are completely unable of making their services better or more affordable, because that part of the equation is completely controlled by the root hosting company. So with companies that resell the big providers mentioned earlier, the money you invest into them that generates their revenue usually only goes into three places: marketing, profits or expanding!

    Do the marketing, profits and expanding benefit the customer in any way? Most likely not, and by buying into one of these companies all you're doing is just feeding a stale and boring cycle of marketing, expanding and most importantly profits that is in no way special or advantageous to the customer or the market. And that's why I don't like resellers and would rather recommend the hosts that actually do something unique or bring any new choices or innovations to the Minecraft hosting market.


    So the fact that you can only use the CPU models the root host has available would never ever possibly affect the performance of your servers? Does the root host always have the best CPUs for Minecraft hosting with the best possible price/performance for the use case?
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  17. Why is that funny if you use their datacenters for colocation?
  18. I'll just leave this here:

  19. I don't think there's really much that can be done with Minecraft hosting in terms of innovation. At the end of the day, the client needs to be able to manage their server with ease (stop, start, manage/update files etc) and after that any other features aren't really necessary.
    There's probably a little room for innovation, but not much.
    I guess you could compare Minecraft hosting to the service carried out by an electrician or plumber. They have a certain task to carry out and they all do it in more or less the same way. The only difference is the price you pay and the quality of the job done.
    It's true that the upstream provider may restrict you with the hardware available to rent, but you can always find another provider that offers the hardware you're looking for.

    The IP block that resolves to appears to be exclusively used for Contabo VPS.
    Regardless, their DDoS protection is non-existent, you can find more about that in Tundral's reply above.
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  20. I still think people should and would rather support the companies that make even the slightest of advancements, or bring even a tiny bit of variance and choice to the market.

    May? They will restrict you! You don't see OVH or Hertzner coming out with Ryzen 2 currently, and probably won't for a long long time, because the larger hosts are stiff and stale. Will any of your customers or future customers see in advantages gained from using Intel Scalable or AMD Zen based CPUs? No, because none of the large hosts offer such solutions yet, at least for any reasonable prices. So the customers will just get to pay for the same old servers from OVH/SYS/Hertzner while you sit around answering to some support request and making sure there's nothing wrong. Boring and stale In my opinion and not worth supporting.
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