Best server host?

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  1. Who hosts their websites
  2. Not sure. But I know withernode is hosting their own website off an OVH server.
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  4. I dont like BeastNode. I used to use them. Their customer service is not good. Also when There was problems with my server on THEIR part they were very hard to work with to fix. I now use MCPH. Its great. Online ftp, mulitcraft, and a good bit of extra features!
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    >any year
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  6. You could just buy a dedicated server and buy a multicraft liscence and have somebody install it .-.
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  7. Mcprphosting is a good one I run my server on it. $60 a month is not bad for something that runs good. There Customer Support is good as well. You should go with MCPH
  8. Thanks

    I always find these threads to be not very helpful. All you are going to get is endorsements from people who either work or gain from a particular host. If you truly want to know which one to go for, find out what your budget is. Compare specs of the hosts you can afford. Take into account whether you may require support or not.(Some hosts have no support)
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  9. I would get anything that isn't mcprohosting
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  10. If find it odd that so many people vouch for mcprohosting, i think its merely because it the "big famous commercial" host and not really because of the service quality, 4 days after i was with them i asked for a refund and moved to beastnode.

    Why? Altho i had the second highest plan in order to have a dedicated ip i had to pay extra, really? I pay around 50$ a month and no dedicated ip for my custom domain? This was a joke. In order to have enough hd space to run backups i also had to pay extra, bare in mind that my server size is about 2GB, not that big at all compared with server with big maps, all other hosts i tried come with these features as default when you buy a high plan.
    If this wasent enough when i tryed to buy dedicated ip they told me there were no more ips available for my node, so i would have to manually move everything and reconfigure. This was the biggest waste of time ever...
    Tickets took for ever to get replied, one of them took literally 24 hours and i got some replys with a tone i didn't really appreciate, like they were talking to a 10 year old when im actually a grown man.
    They also told me they were under staffed and hiring new people to speed up the ticket process, honestly for such a big rich host, i simply do not care, i want the issues /that are not my responsibility to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, i couldnt expect no less from the #1 in MC host in sales.
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  11. Ferx


    MCProhosting is crap.

    Was with them for just over a week, constant "node issues" & error binding to ports, they are terrible.

    Would never recommend them.
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  12. I quite like Beastnode however it is quite expensive. I have also used ServerMiner in the past and I had no problems with them.
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  13. I was sponsored by BeastNode a couple months ago, I have loved it since; their support is phenomenal. However, they are quite pricey.
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  14. I don't recommend McProHosting whatsoever. I was with them earlier this year at the most expensive package. Support tickets took 48 hours for a response, and the servers were so extremely buggy with frequent disconnects and outrages that I said forget it.

    Use at your own risk.
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  15. I've been with a lot of hosts in the past and my favorite was Envious Host. Great support, they reply almost immediately and great servers. Their prices are pretty good for the quality they offer. I don't use them as of now but it's worth checking those guys out!
  16. SpartanHost for shared hosting, used it before. Found out my cousin owned it. For dedicated boxes I'd recommend Kimsufi, SoYouStart, or OVH.
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  17. So your telling me I will get a good server out of 3$/gb. Honestly I think every host is better than hosthorde. New server owners think "unlimited" gb is good, and never read anything on their site.