Best server host?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Hike, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. 3$/gb is terrible, expect low support quality, and just generally don't expect much
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  2. its good quality really is uptime is 99.99% and staff is all on skype to contact them anytime
  3. Shockbyte is in a pretty shitty situation right now, but I'm not allowed to say much about it because of magical legal documents (NDA).
  4. Anyway why buy a host ? Many servers have good stuff my server I am overflowing with space I have many things for people to enjoy if they come on my server
  5. NO Dont go with demon vps i have gone through a loss of huge gaming community. No don't use DemonVps.

    Sorry to be such a newb but why is Mcpro so hated ? I used them and will do again after around 2 months. They have good support and stuff i never got lags and pings were good too. But seeing the hate for mcpro my opinion for them is changing a bit why is it said that they use toasters
    lel, and overused nodes
  6. Like most other hated companies on the internet, the reason they get hate is because their sole objective is money and nothing else. If they can cut a corner to make more money, they'll do it. If they can charge a bit extra, they will. You get the idea. Also like other hated stuff on the internet *cough*Phil Fish*cough*, they are famous by luck, not skill.
    Sorry for going off-topic; please don't hurt me.
  7. ok any one else hating mcpro ? i might consider another host
  8. I talked to mcproh staff on a personal level, and they showed me how better their service is compared to gg servers, beastnode,netherbytes, etc.

    But I am going with cubedhost
  9. lel what did he show that how was their service better ofc an mcpo guy would favour mcpro
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  10. McProHosting, joking seriously, don't use them. I beg you.
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  11. Yea, many people say ggservers is the best, and hosthorde. Their prob the worst known host out there. They compared cpu, they compared box types. They shown me how they never override boxes.I mean it was solid evidence. Contact them on their 24/7 hour chat and they'll tell you. They go to another server host and ask them how their server host is better than mcproh.

    I noticed how every unsuccessful server owner blames their host. Lol ask any person who has a server with over 200 players online right now, they will tell you that mcproh is good, and they prob started their server with it.
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  12. The thing is that I run my serves with mcpro. I have used other hosts and i kept switching each month till i switched to mcpro this host gave me the best ping and my server started to develop and i stuck with mcpro my xp with them has been good No other host gave me better support and i didn't have much problems.

    The args which I see here about mcpro changed my opinion if i do change hosts now i don't have no other host to go with. Another reason i stuck with mcpro is they accept credit card without paypal i am from an asian country which have banned use of paypal.

    I too recommend the Op this host try the hypixel server if you want to see the host performance. If you buy them now and use the code "Halloween" you will get a 50% off on any thing you buy for the first month
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  13. Good to know
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  14. HostHorde is more like HostWhores - Ran by the sluts who don't know how to turn a computer on!
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  15. Used fragnet too they are good but needed to quit cuz of prices
  16. I am glad to see that you enjoy the services. I just want to note that the Halloween promo is finished. However we run sales often, so it's likely we'll have something for the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving.
  17. My current host is Nitrous-Networks. Their good but their databases are crap, put data onto your own SQL database. But I'm moving to OVH slowly :p. I need a dev to set up an Attack of the B Team server :p
  18. In all honesty, After my recent experience with McProHosting, I have to say that they are no longer the company they were. Overpriced for one, I prefer to use spartenhost over any as they have provided me with the best support and servers I have seen so far.
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  19. McPro used to be good, now they over load servers. When I hosted from NitrousNetworks there Fiber line got cut 3 times in 1 month. Havent used the other, I would reccomend Provision Host or BlazeHost for realy quality