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  1. Hey guys of the Spigot community, so i just wanted your input on somthing.
    What is (In your opinion) the best minecraft server host to use for:
    - Minigame Server (Multiple Servers)
    - Faction Server (Big Server)
    - Vanilla Server (Vanilla, duh..)

    Just wondering how much ram do you guys reconmend for each of those and what host. :)
  2. Personally I think all of them can be ran on any host, of course some will require more hardware (RAM specifically) than others which also depends on your setup (amount of plugins, plugin configurations, server jar etc.) and the amount of players you have.

    Anyway I'm most likely going to use when I start my server up in the summer, friend recommended them, they have pretty good prices and offer SSDs with DDoS protection.
  3. i hope that you know that the 480GBps DDoS protection just fake is?

    because their servers are hosted at OVH in BHS (Canada) and the real DDoS protection is around the 120GBps till the 160GBps per server

    on the whole firewall is 480GBps
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  4. dtm

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    As a representative for ShockByte I can do nothing but apologise for this and attempt to speak to the Manager about it.
    I'll let you know if we get it sorted.
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  5. You da real MVP, props. <3
  6. Representative? If i look on the site that u r Support Operator
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  7. (That would be a representative...)
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  8. For the price, shockbyte is the best. I also recommend envioushost from past experiences with them while running a factions server with around 50 players on at once without any problems.
  9. If you want shared hosting, use Shockbyte. If you want a VPS, use Ramnode.

    Problem solved.
  10. shockbyte is the biggest Pos there is use i have used them for years there great.
  11. RSNET-Radic


    Would you please elaborate on your experiences with both?
  12. Skockbyte is the biggest ripoff out there it took 5 days to get a ticket response and another 2 days to get it fixed. Demon vps i have used for over a year now for my other server they are great no issues what so ever and the prices are good.