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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by KrispyBakon, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone, my server has just reached its peak of 100 players and the amount of memory I have is not enough to handle the amount of players so I am getting a ton of lag. Do you guys know of any other server hosters providing good premium plans?? I am looking to upgrade to 16GB. Please tell me what you use and why. Thanks!

  2. SpaZMonKeY777

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    GSP? VPS? Dedi?

    (What do you use now, and what are you looking for)
  3. VPS and I am looking for Dedicated
  4. If you are tight on cash and you are looking for a deal, I would suggest They have been great for me.
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  5. I am not tight on cash. I would like a very reliable hosting service. The one I am currently using goes down and randomly shuts down my server.
  6. joehot200


    OVH is cheap, i have had 100% uptime (Only downtime due to DDoS and my mistakes), good & fast servers, free backup service, just not good support.
    OVH Take about 2-15 hours to reply to your tickets, depending on when you send them.

    If you want fast support and ease of upgrading/downgrading (With OVH you cant upgrade/downgrade so easy), i would recommend @Staminus, or Intreppid now
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  7. In that case I feel your two best options are or Similar to what Joe has said. Both hosts have solid networks.
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  9. AK138 I am pretty sure Malo doesn't own Uberminecraft. He runs Minecraft Superior Gaming

    Staminus protects Uberminecraft and hosts a few of their servers.
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  10. Ah sorry mixed it up.
  11. Off topic but who really owns uberminecraft? Weird question but I'm curious...
  12. PhanaticD


    I used to use volumedrive, then hetzner, then limestone and now intreppid

    voldrive = cheapest, support is non-existant though, and hardware is limited
    hetzner= horrible support but cheap. I do not recommend them, network issues, and they will null route you for days
    limestone = amazing support, best ever, but expensive bandwidth and no ddos mitigation
    intreppid = fairly good support, most bang for your buck I would recommend them as best for dedicated mc hosting
  13. Dmck2b

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    I'm running off a Hetzner box right now, we got DDoS'd the other day and they just nulled the attacking IP's then supplied them to their ISP's on our behalf.

    Might be because we're on one of their higher tier boxes, not sure.
  14. I have been with Hetzner. The network was very shaky, when I attempted Bungee with Hetzner I would suffer from tons of lag and a lot of player disconnects.

    I am now with OVH, I have nothing but good things to say about them. I got my servers within 40 mins of ordering them and the network has been solid.
  15. Understand that
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