Best software for staff communication?

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Which of these softwares are the best for staff communication?

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  1. Skype

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  2. Discord

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  3. Slack

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  4. Other

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  1. Hi there, recently me and my staff team have been discussing what software we should use for communication, at the moment we use Skype but however I would personally like to move to Discord or Slack, however not many staff members like Slack or Discord, and my Admins do not like discord, so, I have came here for your opinion, which of these softwares do you think is the best? Or is there any other software that may be better?
  2. Skype is too basic, only allows for one person to be the owner so definitely not a staff software, slack is just shit, I currently use Discord for my staff team and it has so many useful features
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  3. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    Our staff team switched from Skype to Discord a month ago and we love it. It's been nothing but good since we made the switch. I would definitely recommend choosing Discord.
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  4. I know some servers that use Slack, some that use Skype but I think Discord would be the best option.
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  5. Slack offers a lot of functionality if you have a focus of organization and customization. It acts much like discord and has voice calling but extensions help with automation for more business oriented communication. But discord can suffice very well for staff teams and I recommend either slack or discord over Skype.
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  6. Hi, if you want talk with yours admins get discord.
    It is free and work fine (Sometimes with lag).

    If you want the users talk too on this, get ts3 client free (until 32 users) if you want licence can you get free, if you dont want sell slots on ts.

    Ts is better for me because you neednt sign in.

    You can buy a vps cheap for 1.21€ with IVA (In Europe) and can use this until 100 users 24/7/31.
  7. Slack is definitely this best option if you have developers on your team.
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  8. I'd choose discord because of what you can do with it. Discord has a lot mlre customization than skype in pretty much everything. I've never used slack so I can't talk about it.

    Also, just a suggestion for next time, don't end the poll so quickly (40 mins). I'd keep it up for at least a week.
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  9. Sinclare

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    Also just a note: We use Discord specifically for text communication. We all talk on our server's TeamSpeak.
  10. Hex

    IRC Staff

    If your team consists mainly of non-technical people with a few developers or the like, I'd recommend Discord. It's fairly easy to integrate into software through its API while being easy to use. Slack is nice, but it has almost nothing to offer over Discord.
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  11. Thanks for all of your opinions! I am definitely going to try and get my staff team to move over to discord now!
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  12. Discord is my go to it is very clean.
  13. Discord Is good

    can anyone help me my thread is under this one
  14. Discord is free, clean, and user friendly.

    Depending of your project / server size you may want to combine Slack + Trello it's really helpful for managing your project / server.
    Not saying it's the best option, ultimately the best one is the software you enjoy to deal with but i would advice to give it a try :)

    Have a great day,

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  15. MyCrashtest Nice letter format XD(oops where is the date and address)XD
  16. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    Do you guys mind going in-depth a bit on what exactly developers could do to utilize Slack? We probably won't be switching to Slack anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind running a Slack to mess around with the API and such.
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  17. In my opinion I don't see much use developers would get out of it in comparison to something else other than the option to send code snippets. The main reason I prefer slack is because of its organizational style and the integrations it offers to unify your workflow and once again keep things organized. I don't use discord as much so it might have the same things, but here's a list of integrations that you can use with slack: Sorry I didn't really answer your question as you wanted, but I still wanted to get this point across.
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  18. mathhulk

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    I personally find Discord to be the easiest to use, especially for larger groups that need to be able to both speak and chat with each other. I personally use Discord for everything and have moved away from Slack and Skype due to how slow they are compared to Discord.

    I personally don't like Skype because I find it to be more based on video and voice calls than the actual chat functionality. Along with this, Skype takes the longest to load on my computer at over 25 seconds.
    I personally don't like Slack because it has too many options and I find it very confusing to manage. Especially with the way Slack is formatted, teams having their own sub-domain and having to have an account for each team, I find it unfriendly for users. With this, Slack is the second slowest to load at around 15-20 seconds.

    Discord seems to load fastest for me, especially because it runs in the background. I understand Slack does this too, but it seems to have to reconnect every time I reopen in.
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  19. Choco


    We like to call Skype "A Memory Hog". I still keep it around because I use it for commissions and many of people are still active on Skype, but personally, I would most definitely recommend Discord. @mathhulk pretty much outlined most of the reasons I would have listed. The only thing I wish to include about discord is the fact that you can clearly state who is what rank on Discord (i.e. who's a developer, admin, moderator, etc), and its bot API is MUCH friendlier than that of Skype's.
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