Best Value And Quality Minecraft Server Hosting Companies ($3 And Under)

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  1. I'd personally recommend MixmlHosting They are a great option for shared Minecraft hosting.
  2. Honestly I tried like seriously probably ~50 "shared" gaming providers and I don't see any of them great (decent at best) cause it's often either the support that sucks (they essentially more or less "give you the logins let you go crazy with them") and/or policies/accommodations.

    Thus if it more than "just for a few friends" or for the house I would FAR feels better with a "managed" VDS with a pre-installed control panel instead. At least then all of your controls are your disposal and if the FEW providers whose does offer this service range. You can marginally expects them to know their shiz a little beter.

    So you don't run into Java arg, versioning, permitted plugins and other "annoying" issues.
  3. I would definitely have to agree with you. A VPS or Dedicated server would be the best option for a production Minecraft server. They offer much more flexibility than shared Minecraft Hosting.

    However, many people prefer shared Minecraft hosting as it's easy to use.
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  4. Ive been using HumbleServers for over a year with amazing support. The company owner has even hopped on discord with me to help sort issues with my server and always been very pleasant to me :)
  5. As a shared hosting provider, do you have any feedback that you'd like to see?
  6. I used to always find a smaller hosting company with an owner that knows what they are doing in order to build a connection with them. I found this was always the best way to get good support for your server as well as not have this big company feeling, hence, why I typically went to smaller companies. ^^
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  7. Not having to make tickets for every little technical change (java args and so forth), having backup disk space or something to that effect to premits uninterrupted backups to happen without fears of getting suspended/terminated/etc under the lieu of "abusing fair usage disk space" as well not otherwise heavily restricting plugins' usages.

    As often times or not I see you are not allowed to run backup plugins, sub servers and so forth. With Dockerization I don't see them of being a "abuse issue" any longer.
  8. Don't a lot of shared hosts offer backups for you nowadays at an additional price?
  9. I only seen this for like daily/weekly slots not like I want to retain x/xx amount of backups at a given time. Regardless of rotation policies.
  10. Yea, that is true. I assume most hosts would allow you to do so if you talk to them/reach out to their support, however, this policy is probably just put into place for some people spamming backups.
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  11. Thank you very much for reassuring me of that, much appreciate that of you. :)

    Absolutely there obviously needs to be a middle ground for this. In case of my website hosting business I offer "best efforts" daily remote backups for a minimum of 30 days then the clients are encouraged to manual them every time they make major changes at the very least.

    Sadly most game providers don't invest that heavily usually and if they do you are still hoping that they will still let you run the plugin in the background for additional copies throughout a working day.
  12. I remember in the early days the hosts would brag about having 2-day backups. I remember asking my host back in the day for a backup 3 days old and them not having them anymore. Actually, something to be happy about, at least moving a tiny bit in the right direction, haha!
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