Best version to code in?

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  1. Java 8, as 96.3% of servers run on that according to bStats

    As for minecraft version, there is no 'best' version, but
    "New is always better" -Barney Stinson
  2. Version of what exactly? Java?

    EDIT: The latest stable, most of the time. You can go for the development build (1.14.2 currently) if you wanna test for bugs or see the changes made.
  3. MC, sorry I didn't specify
  4. Or if you mean MC version, if you want to support 1.8-1.12 then 1.8. If you want to support 1.13+ use 1.13
    (You can support 1.8-latest it just requires a bit more work)

    Basically, build with whatever you want the base to be.
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  5. Yeah this isn't clear enough to warrant putting "Title" as your explanation. It depends on a lot.

    Personally I would highly recommend latest api if you don't particularly care. It is the best api wise, has the most features and the most fixed. But if you want to support 1.8, code against 1.8 and be aware that things like material name changed between then and now
  6. I use 1.14 and support versions from 1.8x and up, what does that mean?
  7. Well they meant simply. If you import 1.8 and only use that api you're mostly guaranteed to have it work across versions because they've tried to keep methods and deprecated them, with obvious exceptions. So they are saying build against 1.8 if that's the lowest version you want to support. That way you don't ever use a new method that isn't supported before.
  8. It means you’re silly :p
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  9. Does it?

    I beg to differ. Using the latest version of the API saves a lot of time from headaches later on. Imagine making your plugin with a 1.8X dependency and then using it in a 1.14 server. The Inventory#getName() (as an example) has been removed, if I were to compile it with 1.8x, it would work successfuly and no compile error would occur. However, if I were to run it in a 1.14 server, you can guess what'd happen ;)
  10. Deprecation isn’t to prevent older builds from updating, it’s to give older builds time to update. Each new update gives features and imo you should build with the current server version you’re using.
  11. Response.
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  12. fair enough :ROFLMAO:
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  13. Choco

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  14. Always code on the latest, take advantage of backwards compatibility if it is easy and has no performance problems, but unless you are developing for one person/server stay with the latest.
  15. 1.8.x / 1.7.10
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  16. Yeah but not for Java in relation to Minecraft plugin development. Java 8 as you also mentioned is the way to go.
    Professional Java development => Latest "Stable" Version but I remember I've read somewhere that the "unofficial" latest stable version ist Java 8 :joy:

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