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  1. Hi, I am looking for a VPS to create a simple VPN in the U.S. to allow me to connect to decent content on Netflix.

    Why am I looking for a U.S. server? Well, I am Canadian and the content Netflix has to offer is rather boring to me now, I've been with Netflix for three years now. I've watched everything Canadian Netflix has to offer, and I used to have a way to connect to American Netflix, and American Netflix's content was something that was pretty decent.

    What I need:
    Bandwidth: 1 TB bandwidth (to be safe)
    Speed: 100mbps connection (not really much point downgrading my internet connection)
    Location: U.S. location
    RAM: 256 MB or higher
    Cost: Less than $10/month
    Extra: Must not be detectable by Netflix's new anti-proxy/anti-vpn protection

    Thanks in advanced.
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  3. They have a refund, so I'll try them.
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    I just tried it, they are not blocked at all.

    RamNode seems to be a favorite of /r/VPN. I'm using the Atlanta location, works fine. Then again, I live in the US, so I don't need a proxy server to get US Netflix.
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