Best way of finding memory leak

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Partydragen, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hey im running a lobby server for my network but for many months i have a problem the server running out of memory after 1 day, well never crash but ram becoming very low

    Is there any plugins or ways to find out what causing the memory leak?
    I think there is somethings with player data never being removed from memory when then leave but again idk

    lobby has alot of traffix and can't really remove any plugins and things to test out

    like memory being lower and lower for each hour well again i think it saving player data but must atleast find out what plugin doing it

    the lobby has 3 GB and works fine for 10 hours but after it starts to get really low

    I have checked out timings logs but it not really show anything usefull, so idk
  2. How do you know the problem is a memory leak, I mean, just because a server is active and worlds are being created, loaded, used, chunks in memory, things happening .. doesn't mean it's a memory leak.
  3. Well i have runned lobby for many years and have started now recently

    And not any neww chunks being generated tought due its a lobby so everywhere is in same place and worldborder just 500 blocks away from spawn and only 1 world

    sop must be somethings with my custom plugins or recently updated plugins with using up the memory after 1 day its pretty much only lag
    Before i never needed to restart for weeks etc, well not needed tought
  4. Paste your plugin list please.
    Also if u don't have much ram you should do restarts every 6-12 hours.