Best way to advertise my server?

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  1. So recently I have had a lot of the time 0-1 players and I was wondering the best way of advertising, and I already tried a YouTuber and have 6 voting sites.... any other suggestions that are 90% possible of increasing my playerbase.
  2. .org/MCSL sponsored slots, but I believe those only work if you have an established playerbase.
  3. Exactly, people always suggest, Slots and Youtubers. But if you are an unlucky person like me the youtuber is busy with school etc. so the videos get delayed and also people think slots always work, but you need a playerbase probably of around 20 players to fully get it working.
  4. Get back from about 2-4 months ago and keep it small and just don't expand it with a network..
  5. So basically just restart over again with Prison? Keep the skyblock server and all that stuff but add them back later on? But I basically already paid people for my website design, I paid for my domain etc. It is not a very good idea...
  6. Look... I've made the biggest mistake in my life by starting a network directly instead of starting small and I learned from that by starting 1 small server..
  7. I have had a single server for a year, then I made a network.
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  8. Well sorry.. I didn`t knew that.
  9. Okay.. heb je andere suggesties?
  10. Wees uniek

    (( English: Be unique ))
  11. well u could pay big you tubers
  12. It costs a lot and some aren`t responding either.
  13. Hi, why does it work that way? I have heard this more than a dozen time, yet I have no stop trying to make a network. I think I should stop, but I can't fully tell myself to when I don't see logic. Is it because if you have a network and 4 player all of them will be on different server, so their will not be a community?
  14. yer but thats because you need to send them a proper email, on how much u pay them, how many videos they need to make etc

    the aren't gonna respond to an email like this,
    hello (youtuber)
    i am gonna pay 50£ for each episode u make on my server.

    you need to make an agreement make a contract with them
  15. I do not have the money to pay a big youtuber.