Best Way to Advertise?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by AgentBeatzPH, May 26, 2015.

  1. Best way to Advertise, that can only use some Money?

    - AgentBeatzPH
  2. You should get custom plugins and make your server unique first, then advertise on an org slot.
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  3. Ok!
  4. Being unique doesn't really help all that much if you're going for something like an org slot. You just need a playable half-decent server.
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  5. True but custom plugins help Aton.
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  6. Says who? Statistics please.
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  7. The general fact of custom plugins help? But an org slot will get you a lot of players but custom plugins make your server unique.
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  8. Since when was this a fact?
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  9. Player 1 sees a server that is plain factions... He tells player 2 that it's a generic factions server let's find another
    Player 2 finds a factions server with custom plugins.. He tells player 1 and they both start playing.
  10. Eww factions, how many, eh not more please!!!!!!
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  11. This is very well documented and scientific research we're dealing with, huh?
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  12. JamesJ


    Custom does not mean fun.
    Lots of large servers use absolutely no custom plugins - yet their successful.
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  13. I 100% disagree with custom plugins being a way to gain players. With the nature of minecraft muliplayer, it (can be) super expensive, risky and also annoying if you need that plugin updated and have to pay/find a developer to do so. I would only agree in it being helpful if you already have a large server, and even then dont think its needed.

    I would say the best way to advertise is via youtubers,streamers and .org slots. There are other server list slots for lower prices but they wont be as effective.

    Although I dont really think its 100% ethical, youtubers and streams generally do work, but can be expensive. Just keep an eye out for those who bot views and subs.
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  14. It also takes very little effort to change the messages / language files if you simply want to not blend in with every other generic server out there.
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  15. Although I always hear that uniqueness is the key to success, there is no real evidence to back that up. Surely, having an extra twist to your server might make more players stay, or make them share your server with their friends, but the market is way to saturated, and the best way to gain popularity fast, is money. Pay youtubers, rent slots, etc. etc. Having a stable and somewhat playable server these days is enough.
    Boom, 100 players in no time.
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  17. Set up voting rewards are your server, get a youtuber to promote, buy a org slot. Any of these things will raise your player count. I personally recomend partnering with a youtuber and giving him/her a percent of your server.
  18. But once they find out there is no staff positions they'll just leave and move on :p

    (Yes I do realise that your post is just a joke. Well, I hope you're not serious).
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  19. Find a well respected website developer and get a clean website that appeals to new users.
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  20. if you want a website, contact me. 8.50 GBP an hour.


    And many more!
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