Best Way to Advertise?

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  1. Charging for web development per hour is kind of a rip of to be honest. I could do a website in 1 hour and pretend it took 5 just so you get 5 times the amout. xD
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  2. Welcome to the real world, kid.

    I could just price my work and not give you guys the hourly breakdown if you wish?
  3. MineCove


    The best way to quickly boost up your player count is, as others have mentioned, purchasing a sponsored slot.

    However, as others have also touched on, before you consider investing money into advertising, you want to first build a robust server full of fun and free of flaws. Advertising is what gets people to join your server certainly, but unless you have incentives for them to stay, they'll leave as quickly as they joined! We can look at this as a comparable ratio - Fun:Flaws with Stay:Leave. As you increase your level of Fun while decreasing amount of Flaws, you proportionally increase the level of Stay and decrease the level of Leave!

    Neat! So how does this apply to you?

    Your focus should be geared more towards making people stay, rather than simply getting people to join. Consider you a spider and your server a web - You can build a massive web that will catch all sorts of bugs, but if your web isn't sticky, it's pointless how many bugs it catches if they all can break free!

    There appears to have been a small debate over the effectiveness of custom plugins on a server's potential. My two cents on this conundrum:

    Custom makes unique, and unique makes distinct, but neither distinct nor unique on it's own makes a great server. It's the cherry on the top, the secret sauce, the small change that makes your server your server. You needn't a custom plugin to create this effect. All the while the effect needs to effectively boost the level of fun or decrease the level of flaw. As some others have stated, great servers run nothing more than well-known plugins. Instead of creatively building a brand new plugin, these servers creatively configure plugins that already exist. So what it really boils down to is either custom plugins or creative configuring.
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  4. PlanetMinecraft is a good way to advertise, and a youtube review too
  5. This thread is quite old......
  6. Here's the best way I advertise: I use total freedom, a minecraft server that allows advertising ( free op server ). It averages 25-30 players. Note: advertising is allowed, spamming isnt
  7. advertise, time, stable work <-- all be fine ))
  8. You could just pay to YouTubers / Twitchers to stream on your server or record a trailer or something about it.
    However, becareful of scammers, and make sure you don't spend too much for a 3,000 subs youtuber.
    Another way,
    Bid on Minecraft servers voting list to get your server advertised, but don't do it on new / small websites.
    Websites I suggest to sponsor;

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  9. You do know that and are the same... right?
  10. Planet Minecraft is the best especially for free advertising! Update and bump it every 24 hours and you get tons of players :)
  11. You get like 1-2
  12. You actually get about 5-6 if your advert is appealing and thats per day. If you get them to stay that's 35-42 players per week..
  13. I thought having nice staff and a fun community to talk and play with helps your server grow?...
  14. Advertise on PlanetMinecraft and MC-Index