Best Way To Get Minecraft Players?

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  1. Okay, so to start off I'm going to say I don't know if this post is in the correct thread, please move it if it isn't.

    Recently, I opened my own Minecraft Factions Server, I have gained a lot of players from websites such as; MC-serverlist, PlanetMinecraft, Minecraft-server-list etc, however, a lot of players don't tend to stay. I understand that most players wont stay because they either want 'Staff' or they are just there to advertise etc. How can I gain legitimate players without dealing with people who are out for their own gain? Any suggested advertising? Tips? What could I do to ensure these players WANT to stay.

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Dacon



    Checked out the server, nothing unique or custom about it - why would players play on this server when there are so many alternatives out there with a lot more fun/unique features

    I'd recommend try spicing things up, or a new gamemode in general; there's way too many faction servers these days
  3. joehot200


    To quote tobuscus:
    Make me... Not bored.

    It's not something wrong with them - It's something wrong with your server. You need to make something that instantly grips the players in the most fun things that you can do in your server.
  4. Any ideas? I've gone and tried my best at my server.
  5. Your a nice person, and the server is well built however as said before, is isn't unique.

    Maybe hire a dev to modify factions to create something more unique?

    Advertising also will get more players (obviously).
  6. MineCove


    Hi MattyPlaysMC,

    Unfortunately the quick cheap trick to gaining players is neither quick, cheap, nor a trick! To build up a player-base requires a substantial amount of honest dedication to your server and constant critiquing. What's more, it's far more advantageous to learn ways to come up with unique ideas yourself rather than take cues from others - Otherwise you'll simply be a cookie cutter server, never unique!

    I'm happy to say that I have a guide to share with you that should start the foundations of an excellent server. Keep in mind, some find this too challenging to complete:

    1. Hop on your server using an alt
    2. While being honest with yourself, decide what needs changing on your server
    3. Implement changes
    4. Repeat

    Wait, but that doesn't look that bad now does it? It can be! Step 2, the underlined part, is something that cripples most servers - People struggle to honestly critique their own work, missing what needs to be changed. It's much easier to pin blame for failure on the players, the manner in which your players found you, or on ineffective advertising methods.

    Don't bury your potential in this excuse - Thinking you've done your best will only keep you from ever doing your best!
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  7. Wow, thanks man I'll definitely take in this advice! Thanks! :D
  8. Psychz-Jimmy


    How does your server differ from everyone else?
  9. Hire developers and get custom plugins. May cost money but it would probably pay off in the end.
  10. There's no point in advertising if your server cannot retain players. Players want fun, not useless custom plugins.
  11. I disagree, custom plugins will only retain players if you have an idea.

    I could get someone to rewrite essentials but why reinvent the wheel?

    It's the idea that retains players not the author of the plugin.
  12. If people keep leaving, that's your problem. Do something to make them want to stay.