Best way to give myself all permissions without conflict

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  1. Is it better to just use the '*' permission node or give myself every "pluginname.*" node? I heard that using the '*' node can cause conflicts in some plugins.
  2. It's not recommended to use "*" if you're not the owner. Giving certain permissions to groups such as admins is a better idea since the wildcard node means they have access to everything ingame. If you're the owner, I don't see why not.
  3. The most advisable is as an owner not to have any permission for security. You can have the * and deny yourself the other permissions of other plugins to not have full OP and be easier to configure.
  4. '*' isn't supposed to cause any conflicts depending on your permission plugin
  5. The thing is that I AM the owner of the server, I'm just trying to figure out what would be better.

    I run a private server so there's only 1 group, the default group. I give myself permissions using LuckPerms, but right now it seems that the essentials.* or the "*" permission causes me to keep inventory, even if I use luck perms to deny myself essentials.* AND essentials.keepinv. I read many threads on this but it doesn't seem that any of the answers given actually do anything for me. The closest I've gotten is having my items disappear from my inventory when I die, but reappearing when I respawn.
  6. If you are op you'll need to deop yourself cause op has every permissions
  7. I'm not opped, I just gave myself the * permission which tbh does the same thing. Is giving myself essentials permission node EXCEPT for the keepinv and keepxp ones the only solution to this?
  8. Need add - -essentials.keepinv in de default group. If not work use permissionex its work for me.
  9. I'm on 1.12.2 using LuckPerms because PermissionsEx is dead atm
  10. PermissionsEx worki fine on all spigot. Im usin on my survival server 1.15. And i have 93 PLAYER on the server
  11. /lp user (IGN) permission set essentials.keepinv false
    /lp user (IGN) permission set essentials.keepxp false
  12. Strahan


    * is not recommended. It can cause issues with some plugins. I just give myself plugin level wildcard permissions.
  13. I've done this already. It does not work when using either essentials.* or '*'. Is there any way to make myself have all permissions, WITHOUT keeping inventory all the time? Nothing that should make sense seems to be working, like your suggestion.

    EDIT: To make it a bit more specific, by setting keepxp and keepinv to false while having the '*' permission, I do in fact lose my xp, but my inventory won't drop. My items just disappear and reappear when I respawn.
  14. Ah. The issue maybe is because you have keepInventory on? (Either that or you have another plugin that's preventing items from being dropped on death)

    /gamerule keepInventory false
  15. You should give yourself the essentials .* and then deny the permission node that keeps inventory. In that order. Id also recommend using Luckperms instead of PeX.

    Edit: Sorry didn't see you were already using LP.
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  16. keepInventory is already set to false. All other players without the wildcard permissions lose their items on death. I don't know why this is happening, it should be as simple as doing /lp user Reconfigure permission set essentials.keepinv false yet it never works.
    This works, but only when I'm ONLY using essentials.* and essentials.keepinv false; if I have the * permission it doesn't. Now I just need to find out if I need to give myself every wildcard permission for every plugin (Example: worldedit.*).