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    I want to start a network but im not very sure what I need I have developed all the servers myself and there are some bugs that im fixing over time but I don't know how to start? I mainly need help with the following

    What host should I use: Host Found

    If VPS could someone teach me how to setup a server on that?: answer found

    Server Info:
    Hub: 100 player max, 5-15 plugins, 2b
    Towny: 50 player max, 20-40 plugins, 2b
    Faction: 60 player max, 20-40 plugins, 3b
    Creative: 40 player max, 5-15 plugins, 2b
    Prison: 50 player max, 10-25 plugins, 2b

    Could anyone tell me About how much ram id need? I know you need what plugins I use to get closer to what I need but I just need a guess

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    Don't. Unless you have a serious advertisement budget (thousands) then start off with an individual server and later expand.
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  3. @maplesauce is right. If you don't know how to, you probably don't want to.
    If you find someone, & you really want to do this, you can go with a dedicated server at OVSUS.
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    I don't know how to but I still wanna know how >.< I want to learn how just because someone doesn't know how doesn't me they wont wanna learn or isn't learning but thanks anyway but I found I host (21$ a month for it all)
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    People think my rant is funny?!?!? The heck!
  6. If you want something cheap, then use Amazon Spot Instances. I'm the manager of CubezMC, and we use AWS for our hosting. According to @ItzSomebody he only has to pay around $10/mo for 15GBs of ram.
  7. The spot instances :p
  8. Everyone learns from their mistakes, I once opened a network on a $150/Month dedicated server, it was absolutely dead, I didn't pay for advertisement or promotion. I didn't know how to code anything, didn't want to spend extra cash on premium plugins, and it died.
    I wasted $300 on that network, got a playerbase of 3 players. Not including myself.

    Since then, I've learned more about servers, coding in html/java/python, etc. I've bought a $7.50/Month OVH VPS SSD for 4GB's of ram, etc. It runs my development items, a Factions server, a website, etc decently. (Small playerbases only)

    If you need help with anything at all, my Skype is in my signature.
  9. Start out small mini games server or simple factions then branch off. my server made a total of 24,000 USD in its life time from being an 80+ cracked server just remember to pick your staff wisely or your server will slowly fall due to corrupt staff making more people leave than what they have joining and staying
  10. Not necessarily.

    There are 1000s of Factions servers, why would they choose yours?

    Unique gamemodes is always an helpful factor
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  11. I've had 75 players on my server at once without issues
  12. On OVH VPS? Are you serious?
  13. Hah, hey NetherGoblin. Going to make a completely useless and uninformative hello.

    Hello. ;)
  14. Start with 1 server...
    then grow off of this.

    I've said this to like literally 10 posts now ^.^
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