Best way to host spigot, provide MC hosting & compete

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by lancraft, May 22, 2016.

  1. Ok, I am just getting started with the concept of hosting a Minecraft server farm, and spigot looks like the best bet for that. Hats off to the creators, seems like a great community and I plan to be more active.

    I was planning to offer MC servers as a service alongside my original Lancraft concept and was thinking that Digital Ocean or the like would suffice, but when I look at services like I can't seem to make sense of the numbers. Eg. $1.50 / mo for a 1GB RAM server with unmetered bandwidth?

    Even looking at hosting on a dedicated servers doesn't make sense. Am I looking at this all wrong?

    Please excuse the noob questions, just trying to get my head around this.

  2. Kimsufi and delimiter both have servers for 20-30$ per month.
    30$ / 16gb = 1.875

    Your much better off building your own back ends then using a cloud service like digital ocean. Providers like minespan are usually oversold, particularly the cpu.
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  3. Great feedback, thanks!

    Do you think that a VPS would be sufficient to run a few MC servers for 5-10 active users per server ?
    • VPS SSD 1

    • OpenStack KVM

    • 1 vCore

    • 2.4 GHz

    • 2 GB RAM

    • 10 GB SSD

    • Local Raid 10