Best Way to Learn Bukkit API / Java in General

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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering,
    What way have you guys found the best to learn Java and the bukkit API and remeber code. I watched some of thenewboston and BCBros tutorials, but I either dont get it or forget. I really want to learn because i'm tired of coding in batch (Yea, thats right, BATCH :p)
    Thanks again,

    Batch and html.... wow
  2. In my opinion, if your under the age of 21, and you just want to code so you can "code for bukkit" there is no possible way to do it online.

    I suggest you go to your local JC/college and take a class, there is lots offered and you can ask your teacher about java questions.
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  3. I am under 18 and I do Program (could be better). I learned by throwing code together and reading the Java docs. and I never dealt with bukkit so... and the way I REMEMBER code is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE :p hope this can help you. but yes definitely take at very least an online course.
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    Hummm, I agree with your suggestion to take a class but I disagree with your "no possible way to do it online." I learned everything I know from online resources, albeit I tried a lot harder than what I see on these forums. Still, anyway, it's not completely impossible.
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    Learn java first, I recommend purchasing some Java books at a local retailer or looking at some online tutorials, Once you've learned Java, it's just a case of learning the Bukkit API via JavaDocs, Youtubers, Looking at others source code (Not stealing it) e.t.c.
    A good method once you get to this point is to take over some abandoned projects on bukkit.
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  6. Alright thanks, I wasn't stating that I wanted to straight-off learn bukkit, I want to learn java just because, well why not? Bukkit will be an extra bonus, and yea, thanks for the help guys. :)
  7. Shoot I'm not 21 but I have a degree and can code without the classes, I only took a class for C. You can find plenty of tutorials and guides and examples on the net. Formal classes just offer some finer details and methodology than you would get learning by yourself. 2 good youtubers are Pogostick29 for Bukkit and Java and TheNewBoston for Java as well as other various languages and programs.
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  8. I agree. Practice make perfect, it really does. It's one of those things that you do over and over again until you form your own unique style of making code.
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  9. It's been a long time, but if you still haven't found a way lol, try Codecademy to learn the basics of the basic Java. It's free and it makes you understand it quite well.
  10. I don't wanna bring you down but there are only two ways that you might forget a code, either you don't use it on a regular basis, or maybe you are just copying the code.
    Java is not about remembering, Java is about understanding.
  11. What does age have to do with learning how to code?
  12. I've learnt to code through the internet and im not even 15
    I'd recommend Pogostick29 and thenewbosten just program on a regular basis or you will fail because you will forget, if you have only learnt the basics of java, make the worlds simplest program, it is still worth practicing
  13. To pick up the basics, you might find it useful to pick up a book at a local store. You could also use, which I personally use and recommend. When you're ready to learn the Bukkit API, I suggest PogoStick29.
  14. :)
  15. Oh thanks! I personally just have a bookmark on my computer so I never actually type in the URL. :p
  16. I used them for web development for awhile, great website.
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