Best way to learn javascript?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Purple115, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. What's the best way to learn javascript? You use javascript to make plugins right xD?
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  2. JavaScript is mostly for web developement I believe. What you are looking for is Java.
  3. OHHHHHHH. Is java and javascript completly different coding? Or scripting or whatever you guys call it.
  4. Yes, Java and Javascript is not the same thing. Javascript is mostly used on the web.
  5. Javascript is originally named ECMAscript, but people named it javascript.

    No idea why, the languages are totally unrelated.
  6. That's not really the right way to start.
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  7. Because JavaScrpt is an implementation of ECMAscript. ECMAscript isn't really a language in itself, but rather a specification.
  8. Oh, interesting.
  9. I believe the best way to learn anything is to explore it yourself. ;)
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  10. NO the best way to learn is to not let others SpoonFeed u n clean u up after everytiem u poop
  11. In coding there's different languages to do different things. Java is a language and Javascript is a different one. Java is used for applications that run on a virtual machine or browser and needs to be compiled, while javascript is only for browser and doesn't need any compiling.
  12. Its like javascript and php one is server sided and the other is client sided but both is used for web developing
  13. Please don't post crap.
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  14. How I phrased my message was also confusing. I didn't mean as what he was saying, more as how. Not that it's of great importance.
  15. Would not recommend code academy. Its method of teaching is not something that I personally think "sticks with you". If you want to learn javascript, as well as web coding in general: I would recommend FreeCodeCamp, it is a great service. If you are just interested in javascript: is decent as well.
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  16. I don't learn programming languages through websites like that to begin with, I got school and work for that. If you have anything better to suggest than codecademy, then be my guest as I've only used it once :p
  17. The best way to learn Java is watching video time to time and then playing around with it. Start with console applications then move onto GUI's. It get's more fun later on!
  18. I just watch small tutorials that show you how to do different things. It's quite helpful.