Best way to manage multi server voting?

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  1. I just have a basic question as the title says, what is the best way to manage multiple server voting? When i ask that i generally mean, 1 of my servers have a vote shop, players will basically vote receive points to spend in the vote shop, i want to add this feature to all my servers but im unsure how to do this, when a player votes on 1 server is it possible to only make the reward trigger from the server they voted from? Or are the votes spread globally example:

    A player votes and receives in survival, $1000 + 150 exp and 1 vote point. For mini games double points, for creative world edit for an hour and for sky block access to a vote kit. But if a player hasn't played or joined other servers would those vote rewards stack? Just a bit generally confused about this regarding voting with bungee.
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    Vote send
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  3. I know that the plugin can link votes on all servers my question is what is a good way to handle voting, the best way.
  4. no one can give me advice?
  5. This is my final bump, i may need to try somewhere else for advice.
  6. I use UltimateVotes, and it basically allows players to vote on any server, and then "claim" the vote rewards back on a server of their choosing.

    If they want to redeem the rewards on skyblock they can, If they want to have the vote rewards in Creative, they can. Each server can be set to issue rewards based on the needs/plugins of that specific server.

    Seems to work fine for me, but may not be what you have in mind.
  7. Ok so if im clear, vote send registers 1 vote to all servers? If so would this happen:
    Player 1 Votes on skyblock over 120 times.
    Player 1 Joins survival, gets spammed with 120 rewards..?
  8. So if a player votes on any server it dosnt matter where, they get prompt with which server to claim the reward? correct me if im wrong.
  9. That is correct.
  10. Also vote send is quite outdated? Is it still used? and i still need this question answered with vote send:
  11. I personally prefer BVotifier its less complicated and pretty easier to use
  12. VoteSend works perfectly fine. I have been using it for forever.
  13. Nobody has answered my question yet, do votes stack!?
  14. You could hire a private developer (ie. me) to create a perfect solution.
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  16. Yes with BVotifier I use you will need a Listener GAListener which counts votes
  17. Bvotifier has never worked for me when i sended an testvote