Best way to setup a network?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by mine625, May 25, 2016.

  1. What is the ideal setup for (Close to 100 players across whole network):
    • A BungeeCord Server
    • 1 Hub
    • 2 Factions Servers (Around 50 Plugins EA.)
    Should I go shared hosting, VPS, or Dedi?

    What would be the cheapest and most reliable option?
  2. A quality VPS will cut the mustard easy. If you can hook it all yourself (unmanaged) then you can shop for one on a reasonable budget.
  3. VPS or a Dedi. I would go for a Dedi at first because it may be hard to learn but at least you won't have to learn a VPS and then learn a Dedi when you want to switch over. :p
  4. Running a VPS and dedi are both closely relevant to one another. You'll just need to learn to manage the hardware once your onto the dedicated server.

    There is no reasons the OP need a dedicated server and should shoot for a quality VPS for the time being.
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  5. What VPS provider would you recommend? I'm under 18 so how would I go about getting verified?
  6. Your parents... :p
  7. Most providers don't care about being under 18 years old especially for light orders like a VPS. Be sure to check though just to be sure you can order without violating their TOS.

    I heard that people like Ramnode, but be sure to get their premium range as Minecraft is ONLY allowed on those. Again check to see if their TOS just to be sure.
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  8. What would be a good cheap VPS host as I'm not looking to spend more than 30 dollars a month for around 3-4 gigs of RAM.
  9. Most unmanaged providers are within this price range. Spend a few moments shopping around and you should find one that fit that budget and needs.

    Just be sure that the provider is equipped with proper CPUs (some will use older gens that have 8+ cores that don't preform well) and DDoS mitigation.