Best way to track server crash reason?

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  1. So my server keeps crashing. It ran fine for several months but for the past week or so I've been experiencing regular crashes. I feel like if I don't restart my server at least once every 24 hours, it WILL crash. I know that daily restarts are good practice anyway, but it used to run fine for weeks at a time.

    Now I've been regularly updating, adding plugins, etc. so trial and error would be pretty tough to do and take several days. Plus, of course it only crashes when people are playing, and people don't stay on my server 24/7.

    Is there a more detailed way to detect what's causing the crash? I don't even get a backtrace in my log, it just dies and goes straight back to bash. Actually I run it on a screen session, and interestingly, upon return to screen from a crash, I can't see what I type in the screen (like I'm typing passwords) and must restart screen as well. That last detail makes it really smell of a memory leak to me, but where and how? I wish I could just stick a piece of gum to stop the leak like I do with my car.

    EDIT: I happen to be running timings v2, if that helps with debugging any, I hardly know how to read those reports myself though
  2. Hello we have to start in parts
    Do you have logs or console errors?
    Do you have any plugins to protect against crash attacks?
    I recommend this plugin
    Do you have anti bot?
    I recommend this plugin
    another way to get this fixed would be as follows
    copy all plugins from your server
    remove all plugins from the server and then upload the plugin one by one and restart
    this could work some plugin can create conflict with others
    you have to uncheck possible causes of the problem to find a possible clue or solution
  3. Pls post your log
  4. if you didn't get a stacktrace in console, then there's unlikely to be a way without a trial and error
  5. Its doesn't crash a a plugin at least not directly, probably out of memory. Can be caused by plugins that aren't properly written.
    ps check if there is a crash-log for it
  6. Send the crash log / timings report here, so we might be able to help.
  7. No log or console errors. It goes straight from whatever was on the screen to my Linux shell. Same with the log file, it just stops at whatever happened before the crash.

    I've tried both Antibot and Exploitfixer... both gave me issues. The former just didn't load (no plugin.yml or something like that), the latter was kicking my players for no reason, accusing them of book packet exploits. Are you telling me someone can crash my server with a hack client...?

    I really didn't wanna do trial and error LOL but yeah. I've already started by removing one plugin that was spitting a lot of errors. 17 hours in, no crash...

    There's literally nothing relevant to an error or a crash in the server log. I'd show it to you but I can't tell which .tgz files are from crashes >.<

    Yeah lol that was my first instinct... I was trynna find a way out of it

    I only got two crash logs and they're from October lol. I guess it only makes one of those when it feels like it huh?

    No crash log. How can I get a timings report post-crash? I didn't know that was a thing
  8. If you're running Timings v2, you're using a fork of Spigot. Spigot does not support forks and you should seek support elsewhere.
    It's also hard to guess what's wrong when there's almost no information to go off of.
  9. Hello this is weird
    "kicking my players for no reason, accusing them of book packet exploits"
    I have not had this type of problem means that someone is using a client to crashear your server

    What version is your server? what kind of bungeecord do you have?
    I would recommend using flamecord

    it would be very important to make a registry
    and see what time this happens
    and then check that when your server shuts down or crash
    and see if the schedules coincide with a specific user
    Right now there is a very powerful attack which saturates the bandwidth of your server and does not allow incoming connections.
  10. Could this perhaps have anything to do with it...? Literally just happened

    I'm not using Bungee, just plain ol' Spigot 1.15.2. I haven't not been able to log in so it's not the one you're talking about, but someone is definitely trynna mess with my stuff...
  11. Hi, you have to have a bungeecord, this is important and recommended from my point of view to avoid most attacks.
    In which company do you have your server?
    I recommend OVH
    If you have a reduced budget I recommend
    version 1.14 and 1.15 are not very stable versions