Best ways to increase player numbers ?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ZwPBerserk, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. Just wondering what is the best way nowadays to increase player numbers.

    In the past I could just bump my planetminecraft page and I would've got alot of new player joins.

    My server has around 5-15 players online (used to be more in the past).
    But its not getting past that number anymore.

    So my question is:

    How to increase my player numbers? (preferably for free, or low on costs)
  2. Not going to happen without a budget these days. You need to spend big bucks on advertising to get players today. :/
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  3. Your server should be active on social media (like twitter, youtube etc.) to increase your player count. As a first step you could look for youtubers that make minecraft let's plays on servers, that are similar to yours. Send them a message and ask for a video on your network. Notice that most of the youtubers will want something in return for you.
  4. ive never had to pay for advertising, i think the problem with people and players these days, is that they just try to do some generic public shit serb that theres a million others of so noone cares, ive always tried doing servers aimed at specific fandoms/groups/communities or joining projects attached to it, always worked out ok for the most part
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  5. GaIaxy


    Minecraft is a complex thing to get into now.

    You can create a generic server and sometimes get good players with little to none advertising.
    You can create a custom server and sometimes get zero players with a ton of advertising.

    It's a hit and miss. There really isn't a "way" to get players. Sure, you could do the basics:
    • Server lists (Voting)
    • Spigot - RateMyServer
    • Server lists (Slots)
    • YouTubers (episodes/series)
    • Twitter (Shout-outs on big accounts)
    • Twitch (episodes/sessions)
    • Word of mouth (the best, and free)
    Do what you are comfortable with. Note that half of advertising now days is expensive. Slots cost a few grand, episodes can cost a few hundred, tweets can cost a few hundred.
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  6. too many people bumping planetmc -> less people stay bumped. Planetmc you cant just rely on.
    Try posting to as many server lists as possible.
  7. While all the solutions presented above do have merit, timing also matters.

    For example, holiday seasons generally net a much higher player count, even from just bumping PMC.

    Also, since Minecraft is an E10+ rated game, you will usually find many more new players during Summer, i.e. when schools are out of session.
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  8. Thanks for the replies. I did try all these things and it seems some worked. Then again I had lag issues with a plugin that killed my player numbers.

    After I fixed the issues, most of it was gone.

    Not sure if anyone is willing to check out my servers and give some pointers.

    It has 3 servers.

    Survival with thirst, diseases and slimefun.

    The IP =
  9. The problem is that with brand new servers, Toplists are nearly impossible to get noticed unless you bid for a premium spot which range in the thousands of dollars. New servers don't have big server budgets for these premium slots that can bring in hundreds.
  10. Your survival seems fun and I can pop on next week and give it a livestream/YouTube.
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  11. Cool, sounds great! Let me know your username or youtube some time. ^^
  12. All you have to do use your wallet and advertise advertise advertise....
  13. Why has nobody mentioned that having a good server is the best way to get players?
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  14. Completely agree, but if no one can find you, then no one will ever know you have a good server.
  15. I spent money on my server, it has invited more players to join in the weekends (this is with just me recording and no one else) but not to be expected, money is a big thing in servers and it's quite correct, previously i had many bugs and issues and got 5 players, now have up to 60-100 weekends.
  16. Start with 1 server... you are overdoing it. Only have more servers if you get players.. because they won't enjoy having 5 on the one server and 5 on the other, they are spread out. Keep them together and group them up so it's fun for them then when you're ready release more servers if you have slot overloads.
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  17. Kinda late joining the discussion, but I'd like to elaborate a little on this: It's not that you need a big budget to get players, you need to do something unique. Unique servers don't have to advertise that much since you'd show up as one of the few results when players start searching for something they want. Take my server for example, still in very early stage of development but already 130+ members on the forums. Never put a single advertisement out there. Since it's so unique, people will always find it with a simple Google search for "Minecraft MMORPG server", you won't have that with your average Factions servers. If you have something like a Factions server, then you'll have to start serious advertisement campaigns because there's so much competition. Either go unique, or go advertisement (both require serious money none the less, but just feel like mentioning).
  18. I would set some sort of money prize for winning, for example factions, make a 300$ ftop prize and there will be players ;)
  19. Don't forget to watch your churn rate of players as well. That's a good sign of whether or not you have a good server. You could spend a ton on advertising, get a million players, and then a month later everyone is gone because they didn't enjoy it.

    By focusing on the gameplay and the churn rate of players, you can have long-term players and slowly, steadily grow. By only focusing on advertising, you may get a boost, but you won't know if it will last until you see if players will stick around.
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