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Best auto tool plugin + hotbar refiller! Includes auto config update, ...

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    BestTools - Automatically uses your best tools when breaking blocks + hotbar refill and more

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  2. You will add 1.8 support?
  3. Probably, yes. But it will take some time, so dont expect anything before Friday :)
  4. Players mention that if they have a silk touch pick in inventory when hitting glass it defaults to using their fist.
    Would you be able to make it/set a config that hitting glass goes to a pick if it has silk touch?
  5. yes, of course :) I already thought about that too. Are there other blocks where silk touch should be preferred?

    I think glowstone... another one?
  6. I think glowstone is fine, if players have fortune they will prefer that :) only other I can really think is an Enderchest
  7. Afaik glowstone will never drop more than 4 dust, even with fortune, but I will check that in the wiki :)
    Yes, enderchests is a good idea
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  8. Awesome, either way I'll be appreciative of anything you do. :giggle:
  9. mfnalex updated [1.13-1.16] BestTools with a new update entry:


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  10. I will start working on that tomorrow, or maybe today
  11. Not sure whats happened, when I'm default with besttools.refill in perms, its not working anymore, making sure /rf is enabled. When I'm OP'd it works fine though, has the perms changed at all in the recent update?

    Reverted to yesterdays version and works fine
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  12. strange, I will have a look
  13. I realized I had a typo in the latest version. But: did the command /refill work?
  14. Command works, just not the functionality of actually moving blocks to hand
  15. Should be fixed in this version: https://repo.jeff-media.de/maven2/d...NAPSHOT/BestTools-1.2.1-20200716.163959-1.jar

    Please try it if you have time :)
  16. mfnalex updated [1.13-1.16] BestTools with a new update entry:


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