Bukkit [BETA] Landlord 2 build95

Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord.

  1. @SpatiumPrinceps

    Hi, i tried to update from b40 to b95 but my land was not reconized. I rollback to the old version b40 and its working, Do i have something to do to make it compatible, I updated the new config.yml with my sql info
  2. Huh, you have not upgraded for a long time.
    Have you tried to delete config and en?
    Actually there were a few changes to the database, but the db should upgrade itself.

    What exactly is not working? Any errors?
  3. Plugin is working but i lost all my land im using MySQL ll check for error
  4. Lands are saved and managed by worldguard. If your world guard db is not damaged, there can't occure any data losses.
  5. That strange, but when i convert DB v1 to DB v2, i found some entry on my worldguard world/regions.yml
    Why landlord write in this config file and not only in his DB ?

    Conversion don't change database.db
    I have put in Landlord directory, my old landlord.db before /landlord convert V1
  6. Old landlord managed the Lands itsself. This caused a lot of inconsistency and inefficiencies, that's why I moved to world guard: one WG region for each land.
    When you convert v1 to v2 it checks all the old lands and creates all the missing WG regions.

    The new database just holds some player related data and offers from /all advertise
  7. Hi Spatium :)
    would it be possible to add the command / land info [player] please it was present in the old version and it is very convenient for moderators!

    Anyway thank you again for the work done and good luck for the rest :)
  8. Uhm, I wasnt aware, that this command was present. What is supposed to happen with /land info <player>?
  9. I basically use it to find where a player's claims are, for example / land info Player = list of claims with their coordinates. to find the claims of a player is very convenient.
  10. Will add a it as /Land list <player>
  11. Hello Spatium !

    How is it going with my issue ? Dd you manage to find a workaround ?

    Thanks a lot !
  12. Honestly, I didnt really had the time to implement the solution. I might be able to push something out, if I manage to complete some stuff for database classes soon :3
  13. Hello everyone,

    half a year ago I started to tweak landlord. I spent so many hours with fixing the old version until I finally realized, its not worth the effort. So I decided to recode the entire plugin and implement a very modular highly customizable api.
    So far so good, 222 commits later we are in a quiet good state, although there are a lot of unresloved issues in github.

    The codebase is not bad - atleast I would say that - it just became insanely big and its hard to track what I had in mind when I created all the different methods, api and functions. 12 days ago (that was the last time before today when I had the time to code a bit on landlord) I started to fix a very nasty bug: I'm sure you have noticed that the cursor is moving around, when you are clicking any item in land manage. Yea, I fixed it. But then it broke the multipaged gui. I spent the last three hours tracking down this fucking problem, but did not succeed. It's grown to big for one single dev, who is studying cs full time.

    I simply dont have the time to fix bugs AND implement new features at the same time, when lectures are until evening and then you are busy 3-4 hours learning different cs stuff.

    So what's happening now?
    I will not abdicate, however my time for landlord will be very restricted. If anyone has some free (wo)manpower to spend on developing new features / fixing bugs, feel free to to submit a pullrequest. I'm happy for everything I dont have to worry about :>
    The latest build 112 will probably be the latest for some time now. I think its fine, atleast if you disable mob-spawning in ll manage and use chat mode for /ll list. These guis are totally broken. Console is spammed with debugs.

    Please excuse my current situation. Hopefully there will be more time soon, although I'm quiet sure there wont.


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