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Is this a good idea?

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  1. Hiya spigot,

    I was wondering if something like this would be possible:

    In case you don't see it, there is a beta tab. This would be easy to upload beta versions for your plugin for people to test. Instead of making a different thread or putting it under your main download link, which may cause confusion.

    Let me know what you think about this ;)
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  2. This just adds more confusion to the pile, it's not that hard for a developer to flag version 1.0 "beta" in that list as 1.0.beta-1, ..
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  3. I've had around 4 people complaining to me last week (!) that they downloaded the beta version. Version name is BETA 3.
    Couldn't be more clear, right? I also stated it in the plugin page. So this would only remove the confusion.
  4. These people won't even notice the different "tabs" between "stable / "beta" / "alpha" etc ..
  5. The beta tab would only be visible in the version history (Would be nice if they renamed it to releases, or merge it), not on the main page. If there some interested in the beta version they can check that page out. When you press the download button it will only give you the stable version. Beta versions will not be downloadable via the download button on the plugin page, which in this case it is. This is the only thing that's causing confusion.
  6. I disagree, Hence why you asked for our opinion. I voted no, sorry. I don't personally think this solves anyway.
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  7. No worries :)
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  8. I think more organization in the versioning system would be a great addition. I'd prefer something more abstract like a branch system though.
    The problem is that no matter how many disclaimers and "snapshot", "Alpha" or "Beta" or "Not for production environments" notes you add, users ignore them because to them the software they get is still the best that exists. If it is the latest version, the one that is downloaded through the main page button, they'll use it no matter if it says "Beta" or not. You could argue that's their fault but in my opinion it's better to make this intuitive. And version checkers shouldn't notify you that a new version is available if you are running v2.0-SNAPSHOT just because the LTS v1.3.7 got an update.
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  9. I like this idea.

    I know on when you click the big download button on the main page it will download the latest stable release, and if you want beta, you actually have to click files, then click the download for the beta file.

    This makes people more aware of what they are downloading.
    If people don't know how to read, then they won't download the beta, they will just click the big download button and get the latest stable release.

    I would love to see SpigotMC add something like this.
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  10. Why not upload it to something else and link to it from the resource page?
  11. Premium plugins have betas too...?

    Edit: also don't forget the fact it will look neater, having all your downloads in one spot
  12. Hmm you are right about the premium ones. I cannot give a clear alternative for this one.

    However it's I still don't see a reason for spigot to implement this. I know it will look neater but is it really worth it the effort to put in? Not many plugins upload their betas to somewhere (or they have a pipeline setup where you can download the latest). It might seem like a nice addition but I just don't see many people using it.
  13. @md_5, I'd love to hear your opinion about this. :D
  14. Yes add this, amazing idea!!!
  15. Up, would like to receive some more opinions
  16. I think it's great, especially if the download button downloads the latest stable version. It's adds more organisation to the site which I think is great.

    However, in order to implement something like this you would need to give a XenForo plugin which can actually do it since it may look great on paper but that isn't much use if there isn't a plugin to actually do it.
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  17. I severely doubt the ability of most server owners to read... no offense but when in multiple different support chats i get a @Staff tag and someone asking if the plugin supports 1.13 when the first thing on the page is what versions it supports, yeah I lack faith xD Adding a separate tab just doesnt seem like it would be worth your while especially since most people will just download whatever latest version
  18. I think it would be a better idea to allow the developer to create different branches and set a default one (the one will download when the big download button is blockes) on his plugin.
    You have different versions of the same plugin for 1.12 and 1.13? You can create 2 "branches" where you can upload the versions separetly.
    Or if you have a stable and beta version, a full and a light version.
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  19. I like this idea as I know a lot of plugins have different versions of the plugin so this would be a good idea, however, again in order to be implemented a XF plugin would need to exist to accomplish this
  20. I personally would like this idea as currently, when I have a beta for a plugin, I have to release it on Discord or through some other way because of how daft some people can be when on a resource page, it clearly says BETA IS NOT TO BE USED ON PRODUCTION SERVERS. But I digress, although it would require some modification on the RM Marketplace (presumably) XF addon, since they've already had one done, I thing it would be a nice addition for both the plugin author and downloader.
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