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Is this a good idea?

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  1. So, any news on this?
  2. This forum operates in a mindset of "when it is not broke, dont fix it".
    So I would not hold my breath with suggestions like this.
    You see for us this is a minor change. For the staff they need to rethink
    every move they make to the site as not to mess an already working

    If anyone decides to make a suggestion in this forum.
    Take it as it is. A SUGGESTION. The staff
    is not obliged to comply to every suggestions that pops up
    This will make the site a spaghetti soup.

    Unless anyone here is an expert in Xenforo API which can code
    an addon that does this feature and present it to the spigotmc staff
    in a proper manner then this suggestion is good as sunken ship.

    Not to mention a small infrastructure resource cost to every suggestion
    to change the site features.
  3. Lol nah not asking for a competition.
    Just stating the reality and preventing the escalation of the
    thread to another staff hate rally due to members high expectations.
    Which just leads to impulsive posters getting banned.

    Been there done that.

    And my post in not directed to only a single member
  4. MiniDigger


    What would you have rather, improvements and fixes for spigot 1.14 or this feature?
    See, spigots main goal is to provide a server software, everything after that is just an extra and has way lower priority.
  5. I think it'd be even better if users could opt in to join a beta/alpha program on a resource, and in that way download releases on other branches. This will avoid confusion and people won't be accidentally downloading unstable stuff.
  6. Please re read, reconsider, re think then get a hint. There seems to be a large communication barrier here.

    I am not the one pushing site suggestions here.
    I perfectly understood what you are getting at.
    Question is are you getting mine. Now if your going to argue on a baseless
    point I will not. Been here long enough to see how you escalate issue further
    than need too.
  7. Due to lack of response from any executive staff member I took my own measures on my very own plugin.

    Sad to see no reaction whatsoever, got one chargeback, 2 angry people, and a few other people complaining about this so far. I could've just chosen to remove the beta version, but this would remove the complete goal of a beta version, for other people to test the new features in the plugin which is also the base functionality of the feature I'd like to see.

    Enjoy my (hopefully temporarily) solution:

    yes, the arrows are flashing. some people might still miss them
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  8. Unfortunately they did,

  9. Well solution is clearly not working. To be fair, expecting buyers to understand (or even read) the whole beta and stable thing might be a bit of a long shot as obvious it may seem as developers.

    Forcing your self to work against the system is clearly backfiring here with chargebacks and unsatisfied people.
    If you really want this to become a thing, the best thing you can do is post a link with the xenforo resource that actually adds this functionality and not screenshots of discord chats...

    One intresting thing I would like to know though is how many people ARE actually using the Beta of your plugin in order to improve it. It almost seems as if your beta plugin just doesn't work at all and there are bugs you could have easily spotted your self ;)
  10. I created a beta version on request, I tested the beta version myself and seems to have worked fine on my testing server. I tried fixing an issue of maps randomly throwing npe's and crashing the server (the image is not null, but thats something else). I thought recoding it would help fixing the issue, and uploading the plugin in a beta branch would've allowed multiple people to test it. Like what is happening now.

    That's why I'd like to see a solution

    There currently doesn't seem to be something like this, but I don't have any xenforo expererience. So I could be wrong