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An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft.

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    BetonQuest - Bukkit plugin which allows server admins to create advanced, role-playing quests for their players

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  2. This looks like fun to mess with at some point. Does it support spigot 1.8? Also, don't mind me, I'm TOTALLY not plotting anything over here... >:)
  3. server test?
  4. Can you add MythicMobs Support?
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  5. Yes, it does ^^
    Sorry, I don't have one in English, and my Polish server is not ready yet.
    In the future, yes :3
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    BetonQuest v1.4

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  7. Still waiting for it to support Mythic Mobs.
  8. hi there im using spigot 1.8 protocol hack just wondering does it all work with this ? I try /q and nothing happens and no errors in console etc

    ive taken quests pluigin away in case of /q clash do you have an alternate command prefix?
  9. Sorry, you will have to wait a bit longer. I don't have time right now to learn new API and a whole system of this plugin. Maybe after Christmas, when I'll have some free time. You know, college and stuff.

    Try to use /betonquest:q command.If that's not working then I don't know what would. I haven't tested the plugin on 1.8 hack, just on regular 1.8 Spigot.
  10. Great plugin, light and does whats it is expected to do. Try it ! See also details on bukkit page.
  11. Can you add database support? So that server owners (including myself) can use it on a bungeecord server. :D
  12. that's got it - thanks must be clashing with another /q command somewhere
  13. There already is MySQL support. The configuration is in config.yml, you won't miss it.
  14. hello there :)

    managed to get it working also with denizen too which is cool - although one funny - the journal wont open up it generates ok and I think i'm adding stuff but I cant actually open the book

    just one thing to get an objective going I have to use denizen to fire an event, using
    "betonquest:q event objnavalcollege" to fire the objective is there a way of hiding the 'Event fired' message that comes up for normal players?
  15. Sadly no, not at this time. I will write a compatibility add-on for other plugins and this will be the first thing I'll include (along with economy support which should have been there long ago) but I don't know when I'll find some time for this.

    If you don't have time to wait you could find someone to write it for you, it's pretty easy. Just tell him/her that there is a static method in a main class, event(playerID, eventID) for firing events, just hook it to denizen and you're ready to go.

    Oh, I forgot to add that playerID should be obtained using PlayerConverter class, as it can be both name and UUID.
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  16. Hey thanks for reply it's ok I think it works really well with it like this just adds a simpler quests to denizen (which I do have some issues with with location listeners)

    I can wait as no rush just the odd non opening journal issue id love to get resolved

    Thanks for all the amazing work it's good to have a quest plugin that is still supported through this difficult 1.7-8 transition
  17. Is it just BetonQuest's journal that isn't opening? Have you tried other books? I'm asking because the journal is just a normal book, like any other. It doesn't even have any special NBT tags, all the logic around it uses the title and lore, nothing else.

    Could you set up a test server with all your plugins and separate the one that is causing this behavior? Then I could try to bypass it or something...
  18. Hiya

    Yea no worries, I think it is just the quest journal, I'll test it in a new server and see what could be causing issues and let you know

    May be Monday or Tuesday before I can get that back to you