Spigot BetonQuest - All Your Adventure Supplies | Versatile Quests | In-depth Conversations 1.12.7

An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft.

  1. You can define normal wool in items.yml too. That's not a file for special items only, it can contain regular ones as well.
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  2. Oh ok thanks for your help :D
  3. Cool guy!

    I have a suggestion: An event type that shows 'Title', or something like Title Manager hoo? It's pretty cool I think, like when a player is discovering a village -> "You discovered a Village" and fade-out, uh.

    Also, can you please provide us a video tutorial? I can't fully understand the documentation.
    Thanks for making this plugin!
  4. You can use a command event for that, right? I could think of something in the future though, it's a nice thing to have.

    I'm not a native speaker and I've never recorded anything. Additionally, I don't have enough time currently to get involved in such activities. You can use old tutorials, there out of date, but a quick look at the changelog will tell you how to handle that.
  5. Hey,maybe you do not believe it
    But I still want to say I bought your editor, but now need to re-purchase, I can't directly download :(
  6. Can you send me your email via PM? I'll send you download link tomorrow (I'm going to sleep right now, very tired, can't wait, sorry).
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  7. Ok,Thank you
  8. Hey. So, i am working on a complicated quest and i want to try out something new, but i need your help. I want to make for example a location, where i will put something, and when the player arrives in this location , something will happen, like a message event or something. The question is , how can i do it?. I was thinking about using objective but i cant think the way to do it
  9. Write a location objective with that location and radius, it should fire your event (message or something):
    Code (Text):
    goSomewhere: location 100;200;300;world;10 events:messageOrSomething
    Write objective event which will start that objective for the player:
    Code (Text):
    startTheQuest: objective start goSomewhere
    Now use that event where you need it.
  10. Thanks again for your help :). I have some ideas for you to add on future releases. 1) In-game command like /q search <condition/tag/objective> . It will scan every player on the server to find those who have what you typed in <search< argument, 2) Improved option to change .yml files from betonquest packages using /q config (When you type ./q config read <package.configfile> it will show you the whole configuration file with pages like page 1 , page 2 and you can select the pages using your mouse click (json) and then you can use /q config set)
  11. Hi, I'm having a problem with the llama's eggs. I defned an egg item with his id "383 data:103" but when I use it in the game I get a gray spawn egg that do not spawn anything. The eggs of all other mob function normally. Some idea?
  12. It's probably a Spigot issue. Try running BuildTools again in a few days, they should add new mobs soon.
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  13. dont know why, but when i put CustomNoteBlock (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...ngs-noteblocks-single-songs-disco-balls.7123/) with BetonQuest, the people cant talk anymore to the NPC, when i remove CNB, it works again

    i asked on CNB thread, dont know if i will have an anwser, other plugin i use too

  14. I can't help you much, the author of that plugin doesn't provide the source code. Can you try running a conversation with "conversation" event? If that works then the problem is some interference with Citizens.
  15. hmm it seems working when i use clay, head of creeper and sign, but not when i use a Citizens NPC. So i must ask Citizens about that ?
  16. I don't think Citizens' devs will help you either, it's not their fault. Probably CNB is blocking interactions with Citizens NPCs. For now try replacing your NPCs with these blocks. CNB is a paid plugin, so its author should help you. You can always give them a bad review to make them more talkative :p
  17. i already asked him lots of thing, but he never answered :( ahhh, and i love this plugin to play music :( maybe i need to find another one :(
  18. ok i manage to resolve the problem, i test only the three plugin together (Betonquest, CNB and Citizens) and they were working, so i tried to add everyplugin to see which make the fail

    and i find the scoreboardstats plugin did that

    so i will try to find another scoreboard stats plugin working for me :p

  19. That's quite a strange issue. I'll check that, maybe I'll find something.