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An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft.

  1. Would someone be able to hop onto Discord and answer a few quests I have about using the Editor? I'm a bit lost.
  2. Hi, Co0sh, When i use chest conversation style, I don't want show conversation text in chat, but config no option to disable this, could you add?
  3. Which version are you using?

    I'm sorry for missing your replies guys, I haven't received notifications because one reply was "unread". Like I didn't read the email. This is hopefully resolved on PM, right?

    Such thing is planned as a feature for 1.9 version.
  4. Latest I believe, if the latest is what in the version history. I usually rename my plugin files to the version, somehow the current one in server reads 'BetonQuest_202-150539ef6a'...
    I am also using spigot latest build for 1.11
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  5. Is this has a line feed character for GUI conversations text? When i used "\n" that will be replace [LF], like this:[​IMG] .
    also, space will not line feed in long text, like this:

    How can i proper line feed in GUI conversations?
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  6. Use the latest development version, I added line breaks some time ago.
  7. How do I change the conversation style to default? (It changed to chest style for some reason)
  8. Thank you! It's working now. and can i disable NPC talk in the player talk choice? I just want show NPC talk in head once.
    remove red box text, only show player talk in choice.How do?
  9. Just change 'default_conversation_IO: chest' to 'default_conversation_IO: simple' in config file.
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  10. Yeah I noticed. Thanks anyway.
  11. You can't. I didn't think anyone would want to do this, since it's convenient to see NPC's text when hovering over options. Do you need that badly?
  12. No, I just want to make concise conversations,If not have option to set this,
    forget it.
  13. Hey folks. I'm really struggling to grasp why my NPC's aren't working. Any experts around able to lend a hand?
  14. Can I reset my progress on a quest? Was unable to find this information.
  15. BUG: When I used {diamond} with '\n' line break in player talk choice, {diamond} that will be not work.
    And can I modify NPC skull in chest conditions?
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  16. Do you mean remove all the tags? You can remove all tags from a player through using the command "/q purge playername". Or you can create an event that runs other events removing tags individually, if you don't want to reset all progress.
  17. Yes that was what I was looking for. Thanks ^-^
  18. Hi there, I just wonder that is there any event for skillapi experience or any easier way for rewarding skillapi experience because now I am using Quests plugin to get skillapi exp after finishing a quest from BetonQuest then point it to a quest from Quests to get the exp.

    I have figured out that I can use command event to deal with that. just use this event to run the command of class exp. I think this is an easy way to do it so far.
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  19. Mmm could anyone help me with this?

    I'm doing a quest where you are supposed to craft 3 potions. The potion type for the quest are supposed to be stated in the items.yml file, but I can't figure the format. I want to make it like just "regeneration potion" or "invisibility potion", so I tried this, without stating any time or effect level, but I don't know if it is possible. It is giving errors:

    Code (Text):
    Regeneration_Potion: 'POTION effects:REGENERATION'
    Do I have to state the vanilla effect level / time so it detects the player crafted potions?
  20. I am curious about the compass target. I am able to use this feature, but is there a way for players to be able to set their compass back to pointing to the server spawn? The 'compass del name part' works fine but does not actually remove that point from being pointed to on all compasses now.