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  1. Hi there, I bought the BetonQuests editor and I found out there is a small bug that I have posted it as an issue in the page of BetonQuests Editor. It is the #45 with the issue name of Quest cancelers - Conditions. I just mention here again because I have posted it many days and no one fixed it.

    I just found out that when I set up the condition for the quest which I cancel, there is a bug that when you tick the prefix of ! then close and press OK, you edit it to open again and you will find out that the prefix of ! will be disabled by itself. It doesn't save the change for that.

    This makes me have to modify again after I finish the quest on editor.
  2. I don't have access to my PC right now, I'll answer your questions soon. Sorry for that.
  3. Spigot changed how potions are handled internally. BetonQuest 1.8.5 doesn't reflect that change, so you'll need to update to a development version. The syntax for potions is documented in the .pdf file on that page too. As for your potions, the instruction would look like this:

    Code (Text):
    invPot: potion type:invisibility
    regPot: splash_potion type:regeneration extended
    (I made regeneration potion a splash one and extended it to show you how to handle these cases).

    I've never thought of that. Thanks for a suggestion, I'll add it on the issue tracker.

    I back home after holidays so I can start fixing bugs now. Don't worry, I saw your issue, just never had time to reply on GitHub. You can expect it to be fixed in a few days.
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  4. Hi there, I got some questions when I am testing some quests created by myself.

    1. How to implement kill objective as you added this function which I saw in #362 but I tried to use it, the console shows kill objective is not registered. I want to use it on the quest which requires to kill players. Also, I didn't see any info on wiki about this objective.
    2. The compatibility of skillapi. I tried to use the class condition of skillapilevel but it seems not working at all. I used it like "skillapilevel classname 20" to make someone only in the class with level 20 be able to get this quest. However, it was not working when the player achieve the condition.

    In the point 2, I have tried skillapiclass classname to see if skillapiclass is working or not and it worked fine. But I don't know why it couldn't work on skillapilevel.
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  5. 1. It's not in the stable release yet, you need to use development versions or wait till 31 of January for 1.9 release.
    2. Maybe the problem is not in that condition. Have you checked it with "/q condition" command? If you're sure it's not working then I can check it out, just tell me your SkillAPI version.
  6. 1. Cool, I will wait till then.
    2. I just tried and yea it is always false. I tried to use the other classes and different level but they were turned to false. My SkillAPI version is v3.98 (free version).
  7. Alright, I'll check that.
  8. Thanks for your help! Btw, any idea of why Betonquest doesn't hook to Citizens? (using latest builds for both plugins (dev build for betonquest))

    [22:47:55] [Server thread/INFO]: [BetonQuest] Hooked into Vault, WorldEdit, HolographicDisplays!
  9. Either Citizens did not enable correctly or you disabled the hook in config.yml. The possibility of an error in BetonQuest seems unlikely to me, since I did not change anything lately and Citizens API does not change in minor versions.

    Double check everything and if you're sure that's a bug, please send me your exact versions of server, Citizens and BetonQuest. I'll check them to see what's going on.
  10. Nvm, I fixed it with the suggestion of one of my friends. It has happened to me before and it was due to Citizens plugin too, that another plugin wouldn't hook to it. I fixed it opening Betonquest's plugin.yml and making Citizens a hard dependency
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  11. Hey. So i want to create a new tag with name daily_tag and a new event where it is going to give this tag to every player who is online/offline on the server . Is there any way to do this?
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  12. Yes, create a location objective with range so huge that it covers your whole server (for example "0;0;0;world;9999999") and an event giving your tag. Add that objective to global locations, so it will run for all players. Now even if an offline player joins the server later, he will immediately compete this global location and receive his tag.
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  13. Hi, we have found a bug in the most recent dev version (also happened in some of the latest versions):

    if you have a quest active that is related to crafting items, you aren't able to shift-click the output of the crafting table (doesn't matter if you are crafting stuff related to the quest or any other item). That means that f.e. you can't get a full stack of crafted stuff, you have to click 1 time in the output per item.

    When the crafting objective is complete, it works again.
  14. It's not a bug, it's a workaround for a bug. It's not possible to track items that were shift-clicked out of the crafting table (at least without full inventory inspection), so I simply disabled that until crafting is finished.
  15. Oh ok, thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately this is a big issue in survival servers, the quest that people have active right now is crafting 50 TNT and it is the start of the map so gunpowder is not that common. It was supposed to be a quest to be done in a long period of time but I guess it is not really possible to do such quests with this system xD
  16. Crafting objective remembers how much stuff you crafted, so your players can craft that TNT one by one. You don't really need shift-clicking, it's just more convenient.
  17. Yeah yeah, it is not that bad. What is bad is that in the meantime, they cant shift rightclick ANY other item in the crafting table. Like, we found out the thing becasue one guy was turning oak logs into planks and had to do it one by one xD
  18. Hmm, I might have a solution for this. I'll try to release a dev build with a fix today.
  19. Hai, I think I have found another bug, this time in the journal.

    I have all my quests with a small journal entry that includes colour and style codes, and \n. It works perfectly if you only have one entry in your book, but if you get more than one, it bugs out. The colour codes affect all its line (it doesn't care about &r, which should reset the style) and \n appear as text and not as line jumps.
  20. Hi, I found out an issue for the objective of mobkill when I used the mobtype of WITHER_SKELETON. It will have an error to show "Unknown entity type: WITHER_SKELETON" but I have checked the link of mob type you put in the page of objecctive list. Is it a bug or I missed anything?