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An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft.

  1. Thanks ^^
    It was added to Spigot in 1.11, if I remember correctly. Previous versions don't have this entity type, so you'd have to update your server to use wither skeletons.
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  2. @Co0sh When are you going to release the new build of betonquest. I hope very soon ^ ^. I want to use the new objective 'kill' :p
  3. Dev builds are available all the time. You can download the latest one and it's basically 1.9 version. The official release will be on January 31th.
  4. Nvm, I found another way to use it. Just use the mob type of SKELETON with the name of whither skeleton. It will work properly in this way.
  5. Hi, I wonder if the latest version will fix the issue of skillapilevel I mentioned before?

    I just tried the latest version and there is an error occurred:
    event (objective): Error while parsing 2 argument: Error while loading objective: Objective

    Nvm, it is because that I just write the event with starting objectives which don't exist. I just put those events there and don't use them so far because I think I may use them later.
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  6. Will there be any dev builds in the next days or we won't get any until release?
  7. If I fix a bug, there will be a release with it. There won't be any new features though - these have to wait for the 1.9 release (1.10 dev builds).
  8. Ah cool, yeah I was thinking about the 2 bugs I reported xD ty
  9. PawPawDude


    Could you kindly clarify whether the current vers of BQ is fully compatible w/ 1.10.2? I see the "Tested Minecraft Versions:1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11" so maybe that's my answer. But I also find posts from users indicating issues w/ 1.10x that might suggest compatibility issues. And I see the next version of BQ is 1.9, further confusing me. And I see the last update was May 14, 2016 -- pre-dating 1.10.2 Ok, I'm one confused dude. Sorry 'bout that. 1.10.2??? Thanks.
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  10. It is compatible but not fully. There are some minor issues related to changes in Spigot, for example "action" objective can be completed twice if it's "persistent". It's already fixed in development buidls and 1.9 will be released tomorrow or a day after tomorrow, depending on the time I have to fix some reported bugs. They are not game-breaking from what I heard, so you can use it already.
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  11. PawPawDude


    Thanks for the clarifying. I'll get 1.9 when available.
  12. Any news or estimated release date for 1.9?
  13. Hi, @Co0sh Any chance add a feature of show quest schedule in scoreboard?
  14. hello i have error, but i dont know how to remove these objectives. Its old quest i removed but it seems they are still in the database . How am i supposed to remove them ?


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  15. Is there an option where each player can choose the language? Or that check the client language settings/the geoIP? So if I'm from England I'll read "May you bring me X?" and if I'm from Spain "Puede traerme X?". Of course, having both texts (en/es) in the conversation file
  16. I've had a few problems along the way, it should be out by the end of February.
    PlaceholderAPI support was added in development builds, you can use it with scoreboard plugins like FeatherBoard.
    There's "/q delete" command for that.
    Every player can change their own language with "/ql" command. Use "sudo" event if you want to change the language in a quest. You'd have to find another plugin to run this command for players based on their geoIP location. I don't think checking client language is possible at all.
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  17. PawPawDude


    @Co0sh, anyone that's developed code understands how delivery schedules can slip. Do what you have to do and let the calendar be (somewhat) damned. ;)
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  18. I'm having some trouble using data/damage values in the Chest GUI conversation method?
    I can use things like Swords and Chests fine, but to use something like colored wool I can't quite figure out.
    I"ve tried {wool data:14) and {wool:14} but neither are working.
  19. Why betonquest always saying I not defined "daily.daily_1_cd_add" ? What I did wrong?
    I check the config, I have set
    Code (Text):
    - default
    - daily
    and this is my event.yml in package daily:
    Code (Text):
    daily_1_cd_add: 'tag add daily_1_cd'
    daily_1_cd_del: 'tag del daily_1_cd'
    daily_1_doing_add: 'tag add daily_1_doing'
    daily_1_doing_del: 'tag del daily_1_doing'
  20. Hi

    I can't figure how to add an enchanted book to items.yml. I have read the documentation but I don't understand how to make an enchanted book (i'm talking about the books you put in anvils to give enchantments to a tool). All I can find is how to make a book that is enchanted itself.