Spigot BetonQuest ItemsAdder addon 0.7

BetonQustet ItemsAdder

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    BetonQuest ItemsAdder addon - BetonQustet ItemsAdder

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  2. Hello, the author, can you please compatible with NewItem plug-in? It is the old Version of Item Adder.
  3. I will try, but NewItems wont be updated to Minecraft 1.14+
    #7 Voten, Apr 9, 2021
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  4. This is a really cool addon, but is it possible to add cool actions like in ItemsAdder? For example, when you performed an action, you played a totem animation or played a sound.
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  5. Great, we are looking forward to more functions of the plug-in. If there is a complete example, more people will understand it faster
    Can you add some events so that the plugin can use the skills of MythicMobs?
    #11 yeban, Apr 12, 2021
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  6. Could we get an update for 1.17.x we need this plugin badly /
  7. Can you update the plugin?