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Rejected Better Anti-Fly

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by flyingtacoz, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if we can improve the vanilla anti-fly, what I mean as when you change flight-mode to false in server.properties, it doesn't work very efficiently. It could take 5-10 seconds for it to notice that you are flying and for it to finally kick you. I think an improvement to this would be awesome, if possible. Thanks.

    Edit: Oops, sorry didn't mean to double post, I meant to change the prefix to 'feature' but I guess I made a new post somehow. Sorry...
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    This will probably get a reply along the lines of "Plugin".
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  4. Yeah... NoCheatPlus won't add to the lag at all............
    If you can find a plugin that only improves the vanilla anti-fly, then let me know.
    I guess 'feature requests' is rather pointless as most things can be done with a plugin..
    May I ask why anti-xray is trying to be added when there are plugins for that? :)
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    Because anti xray can't be done properly.
    Antifly can be done properly.
  6. If you want something to to regular checks to see if someone is off the ground when they aren't meant to be AND not "lag" your server, you may need to consider alternatives.
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