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The most advanced beacon plugin in the universe!

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    Better Beacons - The most advanced beacon plugin in the universe!

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  2. I have tested your plugin, it 's very nice !
    I have also a proposition to you, you could add a config option (to enable in config): duration time. --> applicated at all the effects

    If the normal price is 1 diamond bloc and that the player give 2 blocks, the effect will have a duration effect twice as long.
    By default the time of an effect could be 1 hour or 1 day(configurable).

    So if I configurated duration time to 1 day, the effect speed 2 for 1 iron block and tier 2, and I put 2 iron blocks in the beacon, it will give me speed 2 while 2 days !

    All is configurable and there is possibility to disable.
  3. Hello. Thanks for your feedback, I like your idea and I will try to implement it if I find some free time :)
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  4. Cool, so i will wait after the update to add your plugin on my server, thanks ! I hope you will implement it soon !
  5. Do you think you could implement it for the 1.12 update, it should be up soon, i think wednesday or the next, and spigot already update Spigot-1.12.pre2
  6. your plugin is compatible with 1.12.pre5 ! ;) So i think it will be also for the final 1.12.
    I have a return of fex players, the plugins doesn't allow the "sneak-click" for exemple to put a glass block on the beacon to have a colored ray.
    If you could fix that :D
  7. I am happy that you like my plugin, this little fix will not be a problem :) But the first thing you recommended will take much longer than I previously thought. :/ Thank you very much for your feedback :)
  8. Cool for the fix ! :D
    How :/ I hope you will suceed to implement it because a lot of my players think this is a godd idea :p
    Good luck and thanks for your fast answers.
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    Major bug fix

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  10. Lolokar updated Better Beacons with a new update entry:

    Bugfix and new Functionality - duration time

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    Added 2 new abbreviations, that you can use while displaying information about beacon

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  12. Rainbow Beacons please ? :D
  13. Hello, I was looking at this idea, but I am afraid, that I must dissapoint you. This feature you are requesting has really nothing to do with beacons. It would be just glass block that would change its color every X seconds, so I don't think, that putting this feature into this plugin would be good idea and I don't see a good way to implement in here. This feature you are suggesting would have to be its own plugin with its own permissions and commands. However I suggest to you, that you will look at these 2 plugins DiscoFloor or RainbowBeacons, because they look like they have the exact feature you want. I am sorry to dissapoint you :/
  14. I'm having some trouble with getting this working on the latest version of Spigot. There are no errors and interface works fine, but on both my personal computer as well as my server, this doesn't seem to actually change the beacon effect.
  15. Hello, thank you so much for your feedback! There are really some problems with the new Spigot Version. :/ I am afraid, that I won't be able to fix this problem very soon, because I don't have very much free time, but I will try to fix it as soon as possible!
    Have a good day!

    EDIT: It looks like it may be an error in the API of the Spigot...

    EDIT2: Very well, I have found it, but I am afraid that it is no longer possible to set different beacon effects like Luck etc... The only effects that work are the ones that can be set in the beacon the normal way...

    EDIT3: All works now!
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  16. Hello, again!
    I am happy to say that this plugin is fully working on the latest version on Spigot, thanks to the great job of the developers, who were so kind to fix this bug very quickly!
  17. Beacon didn't give off effects and the plugin didn't even generate a config file. Not sure what the problem is. I'm using 1.12.2 Spigot and version 1.14 BetterBeacons. All that happens is you right-click the beacon with the tool, a GUI pops up, you select the effect you want, and some particles appear along with a sound but no effects happen.