Spigot Better Crops 1.6

Use bonemeal on any plant, and revert it to one use!

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    Better Crops - Use bonemeal on any plant, and revert it to one use!

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  2. Its missing /BC Bonemeal <Radius> Idk something to place flowers and grass faster with sugar can near rivers, But ill think of something looks cool thoe.
  3. Is it intentional that melons only grow if classic_bonemeal is true? I can't remember how bonemeal worked on them originally as it's been a long time :/

    Per crop perms would also be really nice, I want to set this up with Jobs but require specific levels per crop.
  4. By melons, do you mean melon stems?

    I could add per crop perms.
  5. Oh, yes melon stems, sorry.

    That would be lovely
  6. Yes, bonemeal should still grow them if it is disabled, it just takes a few.
  7. Okay, it's not working with classic bonemeal set to false, I clicked like 100x :(

    Oh, another request if at all possible, I can't find anything that does this so it might not be; is it possible to add hydrating the land from underneath? e.g. water under the farm plot instead of above/at level
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  8. The stems will not grow with it off at all?
  9. The stems grow, but it will not grow melons by continuing to use bonemeal.
  10. Does This Plugin Have Any Future Features So that When you Bonemeal A Tree (Shrub) It Spawns A Custom Schematic From The World Edit Folder Or From Its Own Folder That Would Be Great!

    Also An Option To Bone Meal A Block (With its Own Sub ID) and Get a Custom Schematic Build )
  11. Not a bad idea, I may add that.
  12. So is this 1.11? It doesn't actually say it's been functional for 1.10 or 1.11 anywhere, unless I missed it.
  13. if (event.isCancelled()) {
    Want to add protection:)
  14. Hello, can you add support for plotsquared?
  15. Sure, will add it.

    IDK, plotsquared is not used much.