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    If you put one image under another, there is space between. Why? :(

    When there is a video its small box, can we make it 100% width? It would be also awesome.

    These are 2 problems I have when I try to create nice graphic for plugin and it would really help me to be able to control these stuff.

    Just to show you its possible, its few likes of CSS code. If I want line between images I put space there so I dont see any reason there have to be space by default.

    THIS plugin is main reason why I would love to get this feature.
  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    While I think that the suggestion here are reasonable I absolutely hate picture-only descriptions...

    Having more control over the display size and spacing of description content would obviously be nice but not for the use case of a picture-only description:
    They are often hard to read due to bad font style choices/bad color choices/small font sizes (e.g. your linked example) and don't allow copying of configuration or even the description text. (especially annoying for sight impaired people that need to use a screen reader or someone who don't speak english and uses a site translator)

    Besides these difficulties with approaching such a resource there are even more specific issues with picture-only descriptions: Search engines aren't at a point (yet) were they index text inside of images so such a resource will most likely not be found when searching for a feature that is described inside of the picture description.

    I suggest to use the provided formatting features to create a nice looking and informative text description with some decorative and explanatory images. Especially free resources don't need to use this advertising/pr-style of presenting themselves, they need to inform a potential user about the features.
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  3. Well in that case we need option to write our custom HTML/CSS to make plugin description look nice :D
    Anyway font size is my mistake which I learn from, this is first time I created this type of description.
    Copying - yeah exactly, css would be best tool. For now I have to put important words as text at the end of the description.
    Display size - I tried it on mobile, its okay, with better image viewer it would be no problem to read
    screen reader optimalisation - yeah its impossible to meet everyone requirements. Google AI could surly read images, I think its part of technology problem I dont have to face.
    use the provided formatting features - they are not customizable enough, thats why I do image-based description

    Nowdays everyone can create plugins so if I want user to use my plugin, I have to make him think my plugin is better. The best way is to make plugin presentation better.
  4. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    The best way is to make the plugin better.
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  5. It may be but if there is great-looking plugin presentation and some plain text presentation, player will surly download nice-looking one.
  6. Going back to your original suggestion, I don't think someone is going to not download your resource because of a gap between images.
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  7. I don't really have any problems with state of the resource page. Sure the 100% video width would be nice, but the space between the picture is because it's assumed that those are separate pictures and should not be linked together.

    Also, just like Phoenix616, I have something against a full resource page of just images. Sure it looks nice, but the information is often cluttered and does not benefit from the visuals they use. I prefer just to use some image headers. They keep stuff clean, yet allow search engines to scan the page, and people can just put the main text in a translator if they want to.
  8. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Looking at the CSS I'm not even sure why there's a space between the images, but I'd agree that it doesn't matter and more people probably want a space between images than those that don;'t.
  9. Well if resource owner wants space there, e will just put it there. Its better to have more control over it.

    There is space because of default behavour of CSS. To get rid of space put display flex and flex-direction column on wrapper.
  10. Benz56

    Junior Mod Supporter

    Why don’t you just throw both of those images in or something else and make it one large image? Seems like a fast and easy solution to me.
  11. Because I want different click redirect URL for each part.
  12. Then you're going to have to put up with what you can. The needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few.
  13. Benz56

    Junior Mod Supporter

    To be honest it looks way better with the white line. Also if you want separate URL's for each image it would make more sense to have at least some separation.

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